Gerald Green Finally Opens Up About His Vertical Dunk Trial That Disfigured His Hand

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Gerald Green Finally Opens Up About His Vertical Dunk Trial That Disfigured His Hand

Many of NBA fans and even players don’t even know that Gerald Green of Boston Celtics plays basketball without the use of his one of a right finger. Green has made quite a reputation in court as an NBA marksman and dunk artist although he lost most of the fourth finger on his shooting hand in a childhood accident.

Well, Gerald Green has spoken about his childhood incident, and it seems that might be the lucky boon for the player. So what does the player have to say about that?

Opens up about his injury!

Gerald Green returned to his first club, Boston Celtics in 2016 and had kept his hand hidden out of his regular habit for years, covering his right ring finger with his left hand or his jersey. But Green has decided to speak about disability which could have terminated his basketball dreams.

Green was only 11 years old when he lost his right ring finger. Green and his younger brother were holding a jumping contest at home one random day when both brothers were testing their vertical leap against a door. Back then, Green was wearing one of his mother’s rings, and the same ring caught him on a nail at the top of the doorway, and his right ring finger was nearly ripped off. 

Talking about the incident, Green said;

“I was teasing my brother, ‘you can’t jump this high I went up and I yanked my finger off. It was still intact but they couldn’t save it during surgery.”

Green wore a bandage during his 18-month healing process at an early age, and the injury required a second surgery. He had difficulty during writing, and his mother had to help him with his assignments.

He added:

“The teachers told me I wouldn’t amount to anything because I was a bad kid. But I knew I could still hoop. I kept believing I could be in the NBA. I didn’t think I was going to school to be a doctor — no offense, but that wasn’t me. When basketball is all you got, you work hard at it.”

Contract and girlfriend!

Gerald Green signed a year contract worth $1,410,598 on July 27 of 2016 with the Boston Celtics which including $1,410,598 guaranteed as well as an annual average salary of $1,410,598. Moreover, in the 2016-17 season, Green will earn a base salary of $1,410,598.

Caption: Gerald Green Caught Thirsting Over Woman in 2014.

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In the video above, you clearly can see a woman walking behind the Phoenix bench at the end of the fourth quarter of the game in 2014. Moreover, you can see Green checking the woman, but it isn’t his girlfriend. But he wasn't the only one who was distracted as you can see several of his teammates eyeing the woman in the video.

Any rumors about his girlfriend have never made into the limelight so far, and it seems he isn’t committed to any relationship yet as he has an impressive career ahead of him, so the player is on the move to avoid any distraction that can lead him to underperform.