Janel McCarville's Multi-Year Contract With Minnesota Lynx: Salary? Openly Lesbian: Partner?

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Janel McCarville's Multi-Year Contract With Minnesota Lynx: Salary? Openly Lesbian: Partner?

After the excellent performance of Janel McCarville for the Minnesota Lynx, she has secured a multi-year contract with the team. The openly lesbian basketball veteran must have a staggering salary. Know about this and also her personal life.

Her Probable Salary and Net Worth:

Janel McCarville used to be associated with Charlotte Sting and New York Liberty before being drafted by Minnesota Lynx. As of now,  she has a multi-year contract and a WNCA title in her bio. Her exact salary is not known, but an estimated salary value of an average player can make up to a maximum of 101,000 dollars yearly as of 2014.

But, it cannot be said for sure as the highest paid WNBA athlete, Candace Parker, has an estimated salary of $3 million dollars. Plus, we don't know how much more she makes of endorsements and sponsorships.

Her Relationship: Married or Lesbian? Husband?

Speaking of her relationships, there is no news of her seeing anyone. Going through some of her Facebook photos, she is seen with a lot of female companions. But let us not get ahead of ourselves to call one of them her girlfriend. They could just be a casual partner.

Caption: Janel McCarville with Jelena Skerovic and Magda Skorec in October 2012.

Game Tight:

So, she is not married. She was openly lesbian for a long time now, so there has been no husband or boyfriend n the past as well.

But she does have a special someone to share her home with; her Dog.

Caption: Janel McCarville with her dog.

Her Professional Career:

McCarville may be discreet about her personal life but has an outstanding professional record. In her college years, she played with Golden Gophers from 2001 to 2004 and had a great hand in turning the team from one of the worst to the top 4 in 2004.

She holds a record for positioning in the top 5 of all the categories like blocks, assist, steal, rebound and points. She also has a record for the most rebounds (75 in 5) and rebound average of 15 in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA).

You must be familiar with her WNBC career, but still, she had 2 major highlighting portions. She became the most improved player in 2007 when she played for the New York Liberty. She later was drafted to Minnesota Lynx where on her first season, the team became champions in 2013. She was also the member of the United States team in the 2003 Pan American Games where she won the silver medal.

Role at the Bench:

Now Janel has come to know that playing front and centre isn't the only important thing. Everybody has a role in sports even the players on the bench where she is assigned by Lynx as of present. After Janel Lynx have one the most envious benchers in the league. 

“I don’t mind not playing,” McCarville said.

“Going from being a starter to a bench player, or a role player, it’s a little different. I try to have as much fun as possible and keep my energy high and voice my opinion for what I see (while) sitting there. I wouldn’t change it. I’m happy with where I’m at.”

Janel McCarville's Short Bio:

Janel McCarville was born on November 3, 1982. She plays for the Kayseri AGU sports team in the Turkish League in the winter. She couldn’t play for the Lynx in WNBA 2015 because of her back pain, but she will be playing in 2016. She scored her season best of 10 points against Liberty on July 15 this year.