NHL Analyst for NBC, Pierre McGuire Made Fortune From Splendid Salary: Net Worth?

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NHL Analyst for NBC, Pierre McGuire Made Fortune From Splendid Salary: Net Worth?

We all know Pierre McGuire from the witty comments he makes while commentating on a hockey game, but don’t you all want to know how much zeros does his paycheck include? Let's find out.

From a two decade long career, Pierre McGuire has been able to establish himself as a household name. He had a yearly income of around $700,000, combining the salary from TSN, radio-work, column for Sports Illustrated, etc.

Now, that he works for NBC, we can assume that he is paid quite a handsome sum of money comparatively. There is no valid information regarding his salary and net worth but, with an experience like his, we think he is worth millions.

Pierre McGuire’s Coaching and Scouting Career Highlights:

Before becoming a hockey analyst, McGuire used to be a coach and a scout. He started his coaching career in 1984 at Hobart College, where he was paid $500 a season. After that, he became an assistant coach in a number of colleges.

While working at St. Lawrence University, he had an opportunity to meet the former Canadian NHL head coach, Scotty Bowman (whom he gives the entire credit for his success), that changed his life. He has two Stanely Cup rings as a head coach.

Broadcasting Career of Pierre McGuire:

Pierre McGuire started his broadcasting career around 1997, from CJAD 800, a Canadian radio station. His NHL career started when he was hired as a lead hockey analyst for TSN. He stayed in TSN for four years and joined NBC Sports in 2006 after the NHL games broadcasting rights went to NBC.

Pierre McGuire has a sort of love-hate relationship with his listeners. McGuire is one of those commentators who knows plenty about hockey, thanks to his coaching history. But sometimes too much information can become the reason that you get hated.

Caption: Interview between Pierre McGuire and Phil Kessel, which left Phil, feel awkward after he was asked about his breath.

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Pierre McGuire’s Personal Life:

Pierre McGuire might be famous for his commentary and insightful facts about hockey, but when it comes to his personal life he, seems a little introverted. McGuire has been married twice. His first wife was Joan Leonard, a Providence College student he met during his time coaching at the Babson College.

He later married another woman named Melanie with whom he has a son and a daughter. He is often rumoured to be gay/bisexual because of the way he gushes over the players. But since he has a wife and children this news has to be false.

Regis Pierre McGuire, better known as Pierre McGuire was born on August 8, 1961, in Englewood, New Jersey. He attended Hobart College, where he played hockey, baseball, and football for the college team. He worked as a hockey analyst for TSN, Canada. Currently, he works for NBC as an analyst for the National Hockey League.