Rising Star in WNBA, Maya Moore Amazes us With Her Splendid Salary! Net Worth? Plus, Boyfriend Rumors

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3 times WNBA Champion (2011,2013, 2015) and also the WNBA Most Valuable Player (2014), Maya April Moore has been selected for this topic. I will be discussing her salary, net worth, and even personal life in here. The United States is quite famous for its basketball diaries. It embraces a national league for basketball. NBA and WNBA, they are all similar in every aspect, except for the male and female counterparts.
Rising Star in WNBA, Maya Moore Amazes us With Her Splendid Salary! Net Worth? Plus, Boyfriend Rumors

Quick Information

  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Lesbian No
  • Eye Color Black
  • Hair Color Black
  • Hair Long
  • Weight 81 Kg (178½ lbs)
  • Height/ How Tall? 6' (1.83 m)
  • College UConn
  • High School Collins Hill (Suwanee, Georgia)
  • Career 2011-present
  • Net Worth $150 Thousand
  • Salary $45,000 (2012)
  • Date of Birth Jun 11, 1989
  • Age 35 Years, 1 Months
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Children/Kids Not Yet
  • Sister/s Olivia Dabney, Ashley Dabney
  • Mother Kathryn Moore
  • Father Michael Dabney
  • Ethnicity/Race African-American
  • Zodiac Sign Gemini
  • Birth Name Maya April Moore
  • Profession Professional Basketball Player
  • Nationality American

Women's National Basketball Association veteran Maya Moore has been one of the star players for Lynx and also 3 times Women's National Basketball Association Champion.

A Legend In the Making: Maya April Moore:

“When you rise, when your greatness is authentic- that’s what captures imaginations. That’s when people see you.”- Maya April Moore

3 times WNBA Champion (2011,2013, 2015) and also the women's national basketball association Most Valuable Player (2014), Maya April Moore has been selected for this topic. I will be discussing her salary, net worth, and even personal life in here.

The United States is quite famous for its basketball diaries. It embraces a national league for basketball. NBA and WNBA, they are all similar in every aspect, except for the male and female counterparts.

The Women's National Basketball Association in the USA is a phase to get going all over, but it still needs time to get to the level of the NBA. If everything is same in these leagues, fans keep on pondering whether the salaries paid to the male players equals to that of the female protagonists. Is there any correspondence on the payment method and payment figures?

Well, I will be providing some information here, regarding the same. 

So, let's start by talking about Maya April Moore's personal life.

Maya’s Personal Life:

Maya and her Mother, a bond that is stronger and far beyond any other connections.

Maya was raised up by her single mother, Kathryn Moore. Maya is a Xerox copy of her mother. They both sound identical. There is only a little difference. Otherwise, they seem the same invoice and the way or style of speaking. Kathryn opts in to choose perfect words for her conversation. She tends to take some pauses so that she could select some better arguments. Maya, as stated earlier as a copy of her mother, manages to do the same.

Caption: Maya Moore (Left) with her mother, Kathryn Moore


Maya is the only child of Kathryn. Team Moore was formed, when almost around 27 years ago, Kathryn gave birth to her child. Maya was named after poet laureate Maya Angelou.

You can get much more details about Mother-Daughter Bonding here.

A hot basketball diva, Is Maya Moore Married?:

The questions regarding Maya’s affairs and marriage are the hot gossips for her fans. People want to know about her relationship status. I will be providing a little information regarding the same. This information might erase the questions regarding Maya’s love life.

Well, good news for her lovers: Maya is not married. She has not yet tied the knot with anyone. Yes, you all read it right, Maya does not have a husband. But, that does not mean she doesn't intend to get married. She, for now, only wants to focus on her career. She might have her plans to settle down in the future.

Caption: Maya Moore's love for basketball, she is not yet married


Maya is a private-minded athlete. She does not like to discuss her personal life with the world, instead keeps it secret.

I was unable to get any hard information regarding her love life. Maya has kept all her information in the closet. There is no any sort of news about her past affairs or current boyfriend.

Maya’s involvement in the Social Sites:

Maya, even after leading a busy schedule in her life, manages time to embroil herself in social networks. She constantly follows and updates her Instagram and Twitter account. She has around 155k followers on Twitter and 123k followers on her Instagram account. She has, as per writing this article, uploaded 104 images in Instagram and about 1621 tweets on her Twitter.

Here are some of the updated posts from her accounts:

Let's look at her Instagram updates first:


A video posted by Maya Moore (@mooremaya) on


A photo posted by Maya Moore (@mooremaya) on

Maya consistently uses her twitter account. She mainly tweets regarding the WNBA games and news. Now, let's have a look at her twitter updates:

Maya is a confident beauty as well. She happily responds on the camera.

Let’s have a look at a short interview of Maya Moore, where she answers her fans in a cheerful way.

Another video where Maya’s gameplay and views are portrayed:

Maya’s Professional life: A little limelight

Now let’s talk in brief about her professional life.

Maya’s professional career with Minnesota Lynx happened to be as successful as her high school and college career. She has really worked hard to fill her career with championships.

She was able to grasp her position in 3 WNBA Finals, 1 Euro basket final and 2 WCBA finals, all of these in her first 3 years of professional career. Not only reaching these 6 finals, but he also managed to win 5 of them. In the course of her career, she has developed herself as one of the best women athletes. She was also crowned with the WNBA All-Star MVP award in 2015.

Maya Moore Trophies and Honors

Maya, as a rising star, has been able to grasp many awards and honors. She has been decorated thrice with WNBA champion in the year 2011,2013 and 2015. Also, she won the award for the WNBA Most Valuable Player in 2014. There are many awards in her bag since she started her career. Let's have a look at those awards as listed by Wikipedia in HERE. Apart from the Wikipedia, has also posted about the trophies Maya got in her career. Let's have a look at that as well.


Caption: Maya with WNBA Most Valuable Player Award (2014)


Born on 11th of June, 1989, in Jefferson City, Missouri, Maya has been able to set records after records in the game. The world has already admitted that Maya April Moore has already started creating a legacy of her own.

Maya’s Salary and Net Worth:

Female basketball stars, as compared to their male counterparts in the NBA, earn not as much of salary. Maya Moore, being a lady basketball player, is no exception.

A recorded $150,000 net worth in 2015, Maya annually earns a sum of $60,000. These records seem very little, but as per the fan base and craze for WNBA, these amounts are in great height. For a detailed study of Maya’s income.

The fans and the public must continually support and promote the WNBA if they want their female stars to collect much more than they are being remunerated currently.

Let’s have a look at a tweet talking about Maya’s salary:

Landing gold in Rio !

Women's basketball Olympic veteran Maya Moore is returning to the Rio Olympics for her second gold medal, first being in London Olympics 2012 and the forward thinks her all-star squad has a good shot of obtaining it and establishing the world dominance again.

"The core [players] have been pretty solid for the past 5 years," Moore, Veteran Minnesota Lynx WNBA player, told PEOPLE before her Olympic team headed to Rio de Janiero.

 "But USA basketball is fun, it's easy. It's the best of the best, the people you respect on the court."

2016 ESPY player of the year, Maya Moore alongside fellow WNBA superstars Sue Bird, Elena Delle Donne, Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi are All-star USA team and are pretty sure to land gold.

"It's funny, the people you are trying to beat every night [in the WNBA] are on your team now and we have awesome coaches and staff to take care of us," said Moore, 27.

 "We play so hard and overall the Olympics are such a positive experience."

US are set to compete for gold medal against Spain in Rio on August 21.

Let's have a look at some of the tweets from the public regarding Maya Moore gameplay:

Nasty Women? Really?

Veteran Maya Moore continued to show her passion for the game into the do-or-die Game 5 Minnesota Lynx-Los Angeles Sparks matchup and that too coming off a 31-point Game 4 performance.

Although Sparks had a slight edge in the match, thanks to Candace Parker who scored 28 points and led Sparks to dethrone the champion Lynx. But, before a commercial break, ESPN2 then telecasted highlights of Moore, and as they rolled the footage, one of the announcers, Rebecca Lobo, insulted Moore by calling her "such a nasty woman."

Although it is not clear, what might be the meaning of the word nasty? It must have felt bad !

Well, I would like to wish Maya an excellent future. Hope her career reaches a great height, and she establishes herself as a basketball legend.

All the best Maya. The fan base is always with you, cheering and rooting for you.