Is Rick Cosnett Married? A Little More About This Gay FBI Agent From Quantico

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Is Rick Cosnett Married? A Little More About This Gay FBI Agent From Quantico

Actor Rick Cosnett, best known as Eddie Thawne from The Flash, is a handsome man with good looks and a perfectly sculptured body. He charms his audience with his performance on the screen, and people desire to know every small detail about the actor including his relationship status with his girlfriend along with his marital status. So, who is Rick Cosnett dating? Or he is already a married man? Let’s find out.

Is Rick Cosnett Married Or Not?

Rick Cosnett portrayed the role of Elias Harper - an analyst in the series Quantico and his performance as Elias added to his popularity and increased the number of fans as well.

Talking about Rick’s marriage, he is not married yet, so he is still very much available. Moreover, he has not addressed any girl as his girlfriend yet and has maintained secrecy in this matter. In the absence of acknowledgment of girlfriend, dating life of Ricky with a girl remains a mystery, and we hope that the mystery reveals soon.

Performing a character onscreen with conviction sometimes leads to different conjectures, and while assuring his audience with his gay sexuality, he is being speculated to be a gay in real life as well. But he does not have a dating life and a girlfriend to fend the rumors as well, and he has not given a statement in this regard as well.

Let’s Know More About Rick Cosnett:

Talent actor Rick Cosnett has directed a short film titled "The Letter Carrier, " and his directorial debut movie was successfully selected in Canadian International Film Festival 2017. He shared this good news and a proud moment with an Instagram post on April 7, 2017

Rick shared a few words of wisdom from his side, which is essential for everyone.


Be kind, be tolerant, be the person to yourself and others that you truly want to be

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Rick Cosnett also uses his celebrity status to voice the issue of gender pay gap and supported Luna Bar as it is finding the solution to end gender pay gap.

Ricky showed his sensitive side and shared that every life is precious irrespective of the color and shared and tagged the post via Instagram on January 25, 2017.


#regram @blacklivesmatter757 " T-E-A-M Together. Everyone. Achieves. More! Love 1 another #BLM757 #BlackLivesMatter757 "

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Ricky has a fit body and looking at his body; anyone can say that he spends a plenty of time in the gym to maintain his body structure. When Ricky was in his country, Australia, he shared a photo in the gymnasium where he had fun with his friends.

Ricky is following Drew Logan's work out schedule for his upcoming movie and expressed his feelings via an Instagram post on April 30, 2017.

Ricky is hard working and talented, and his fans hope that he finds a girl, to add some romance in his life and if romance is already present, then his fans hopefully get to know about the girl soon!

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