In Search For Boyfriend Or Already Dating?See What Amiyah Scott Has To Say About RHoA

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In Search For Boyfriend Or Already Dating?See What Amiyah Scott Has To Say About RHoA

While there are so many television personalities whose relationships are so straightforward, there are some, whose relationships are so complicated that confuses us.

In this context, we will be talking about very talented and gorgeous Amiyah Scott who has confused many of us with her multiple affairs. Is she dating right now or is in search of a boyfriend? Let’s find it out.

Mystifying relationship of Amiyah Scott!

Scott, who could have appeared in Real Housewives of Atlanta as its first transgender cast mate has dated number of celebrity men. However, her relationships were always uncertain. 

It seems that she is now involved in a romantic relationship with Micah Dixon. On the occasion of Valentine ’s Day, she took her Instagram to reveal her love for Micah where she wished him “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Likewise, Micah too has been sharing Amiyah’s pictures on his Instagram motivating her and expressing his love for her. It seems that they are sharing a good relationship with good terms.


In the year 2015, Amiyah was reported to be doing anything to mark her place in Season 8 of RHoA as she was found faking a relationship. She brought her hairstylist Kellon Deryck on RHoA to pose as her boyfriend when Kellon apparently had a boyfriend.

Leaving behind Micah and Kellon, there are numerous names which are romantically linked with her. Amiyah has also been divulging her affair numerous times in social media.

On July 2013, she revealed that she has an Army Boyfriend with whom she couldn’t contact because of his schedule.


A year later, she took to her Twitter to reveal that she misses her ex-ex-ex boyfriend.

In the same year, in the month of November, she indirectly revealed that she is single.

Isn’t this confusing? No matter how many relationships she had, we hope that her latest affair will end with marriage.

Talked about RHoA!

Earlier, Amiyah in an interview revealed the exact reason for why she wanted to appear in RHoA where she said-

“When you’re on scripted TV, you’re playing a character. But I want to show people who I am. I’ve learned to never say never, so I would be open to doing reality TV again…for the right check of course.”

But later, she dropped out as she had a creative difference with the production. According to TMZ,

“Amiyah was allegedly fed up with the way producers were trying to 'sexualize' her by pushing her to wear lingerie and play the part of the 'vixen,' according to the news site.”

It seems that she left the show just because the producers wanted her to act like the 'b**ch of the cast' badmouthing the other Housewives.

Amiyah recently appeared in Star (2016).