Adria Arjona Dating Strong At Age 26; Meet Charming Boyfriend Of Emerald City's Star

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Adria Arjona Dating Strong At Age 26; Meet Charming Boyfriend Of Emerald City's Star

Actress of ethnicity Guatemalan and Puerto Rican, Adria Arjona, is best known for her as Emily in the HBO television series, True Detective. She is a rising star with a lot on her plate. With various movies and upcoming television series, Adria is currently focused on reaching the heights on her career.

Despite the busy schedule with work, she perfectly maintains her love life. Adria has been romantically involved with her boyfriend for a long time now. She has been sharing the romance with her possible husband, and the two has been public when it comes to their relationship.

Adria has been sharing her romance with followers setting a perfect relationship goal to her admirers. While her admirers dwell on their perfect relationship, she often presents them with the proof of her love with her other half.

Romance With Secret Boyfriend; She Said "Yes"

Adria Arjona, who is also known for her role as Dani Silva in two episodes of the CBS television series Person of Interest, currently shares perfect romance with the love of her life.

While she keeps her love life open and public with her followers, she has not yet mentioned the name of her partner-in-crime. The identity of her possible husband still remains a mystery, but by the looks of her post on her Instagram, it seems that he the one she is going to marry.

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Adria often showers love over her counterpart through her posts, but she remains utterly silent when it comes to opening up about his identity. This may be because her love does don't prefer the publicity and hustle that being in the media brings. 

Adding to it, Adria has not yet revealed about the beginning of their relationship but through her recent post, it seems that the couple began dating on 18 July. However, their first picture on the social media dates back to February 2016.

Adria first posted the picture of her boyfriend on the Valentines day of 2016, showing her love for her man through the post. In the picture, her boyfriend has his hands wrapped around her while preferring minimum appearance on the photo. 

By the looks of it, the couple seems to have been dating for a while and were really comfortable with each other. Since then, the lovy-dovy pictures of Adria and her boyfriend has been a prominent post by Adria on her social media.

Adria, who is at the age of 26, often posts pictures of her kissing her man signaling that she is already taken. 

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As of recent Adria and her lover celebrated their anniversary which falls on 18 July. She posted a picture in which her boyfriend is seen cherishing her face while planting a sweet kiss on her lips while Adria has her hands holding her man close to her.

Through the caption, she wished him anniversary writing,

"Happy anniversary to us ❤️"

Adria Arjona with her secret boyfriend. (Photo: Adria Arjona's Instagram)

Adding to their romance, their relationship recently took the next step as Adria is now engaged to her secret boyfriend. Turns out her lover recently presented her a sparkly ring and asked her to marry him.

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Adria could not deny the proposal and said "yes" to him. Adria took it to Instagram to reveal her engagement. She posted a picture in which she posed with a ring on her ring finger and captioned the picture as,

"A million times yes!"

The post was filled with congratulations from her admirers and loved ones.

However, even while announcing her engagement she made sure to keep her partner's identity a secret. Not only the identity but also the details relating to the proposal are a mystery she did not open up about the moment with her followers.

Well, they sure seem a perfect match for each other and a perfect relationship goal while they maintain their low-profile.