Alex Cubis: Australian Actor of White Ethnicity Keeping His Girlfriend Private? Find Out Who is He Dating With

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Alex Cubis: Australian Actor of White Ethnicity Keeping His Girlfriend Private? Find Out Who is He Dating With

Alex Cubis is a rising Australian star in the industry. This young Aussie actor of white ethnicity is landing project after project. While he is climbing the stairs to success, what is going on with his dating life? Find out if the rumors of his girlfriend being a co-star are true?

His Dating Life and Girlfriend?

Alex Cubis is not usually noticed talking openly about his relationships, so we can’t know for sure about his dating life. However, this hasn't stopped a lot of link-up rumors from surfacing around. Cubis maintains such a good chemistry on-screen with his co-stars that simply based on observation, anyone would mistake that his relationship is actually brewing with his co-star.

Rumors with Harriet Dyer:

Speaking of his best on-screen match-ups, it is with Harriet Dyer undoubtedly who portrayed his wife, Star Mannix, in the American series of ‘Reck’. They were an adamant pair-up on the screen. On December 2015, Dyer split from an actor, Ben Lawson following months of dating. This fueled the rumors of her and Cubis even more. 

But Cubis did confuse us with a picture he posted on Instagram.


This was for a show. Not actually real FYI @abctv #Rake

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The caption later revealed it was just for show. Like us, many of his followers were also equally fooled by Alex’s display.

Caption: Comments made on the photo above by Alex Cubin’s followers.


On-Screen Relationship with Isabel Durant:

Caption: Alex Cubis kissing scene with Isabel Durant

Likewise, another very romantic pair-up was in his series, ‘Mako-Easy Mermaid’. His pair-up with Isabel Durant has also come into the limelight. In the series, they portray the characters of merman, Erik and mermaid, Ondina. Some of their close photos from the sets could also be easily be mistaken for 'something real' cooking between them.


Awkward smiles. Make sure to keep tuning in! We're near the end!

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Caption: Alex Cubis with Isabel Durant

Not Single for Long:

But in reality, he is not seen with anyone. He has a lot of female admirers as you might know going through his social media.

The hot Australian lad may not have a girlfriend for now, but if he keeps on taking his shirt off like that, then it wouldn’t be long before he gets one.


22,000 got me like wot

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Alex Cubis was born on 24th October 1990 in Australia. He has also appeared in many other films and TV series like ‘An Australian Horror Movie’, ‘Tenure’, ‘The Gauntlet’ and many others. There is not much news about him recently.