Is Sarah Stirk Married? Her Relationship Details

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Is Sarah Stirk Married? Her Relationship Details

British television reporter, Sarah Stirk found success in her career that spans over a couple of years. Currently signed to Sky News, the presenter often covers Golf news and even tours around Europe reporting the PGA updates.

Although fans are keener to know the personal lives of their favorite anchor, Sarah seems less interested in sharing her private matters with the public. So, is Sarah Stirk married to a husband or just casually dating a partner? Let's find out if Sarah bestows the presence of a lover or prefers a single quiet life!

Is Sarah Stirk Married? Ashamed To Disclose Partner's Identity?

Sarah, who is usually low-key about her personal life, has not shared any details that could link her to a relationship. Reportedly unmarried, Sarah has no history of a boyfriend or even a lesbian partner.

On top of that, she often dodged the questions directed towards her love life. But, the golf reporter came with a surprise in 2018 which implied that she might be having an affair. 

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On Valentine's Day 2018, when people were enjoying time with their loved ones, most of her fans and admirers assumed Sarah to be single and lonely. As opposed to the assumptions, the reporter tended to have a romantic day with her supposedly secret partner.

Sarah wishes Valentine's Day to a secret partner in February 2018 (Photo: Sarah Stirk's Instagram)

She shared a picture of a coffee beverage with a heart made out of cream. Sarah even wished "Happy Valentine's Day" via the post, but didn't reveal with whom she had the coffee date. Further, she also didn't mention if the photo was dedicated to any person or was just meant to be a joke. 

If she is indeed dating someone, a wedding may be on her bucket list. If not, Sarah is probably yet to find a perfect husband-prospect. 

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Family Details; Salary From Sky News

Currently signed to Sky News, Sarah, age 39, initially began her career as a reporter working for the MUTV. She worked for other news channels including Setanta and BBC before eventually joining Sky News in 2012 alongside Jayne Secker. 

Sarah, who currently earns a salary averaging $61,463, excels in reporting the Golf news. She has even traveled around Europe to cover the PGA Tour and the European Tour. Further, she is known to have written articles for leading media publications including The Mirror, Ultratravel, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, and more.

Today, Sarah is at the prominent height of her career, but it would not have been possible without the love and support from her family.

She takes inspiration from her parents, who have been together for more than 46 years now. Sarah is also close to her brother, Ed James, co-host of the morning show Heart Breakfast. Her brother is a veteran journalist, who started reporting for BBC Radio York at the age of 12.