Amanda Fuller's Boyfriend's Lovely Birthday Gift. Plus, Her On-Screen Husband and Married Life

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Amanda Fuller's Boyfriend's Lovely Birthday Gift. Plus, Her On-Screen Husband and Married Life

 Amanda Fuller is best known for her role in Last Man Standing. Nevertheless, she started her career opposite to Laura Linney portraying the role of Lexy in Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City (1993) when she was at the early age of 8.

Apart from her professional life, we have to admit she has an adorable husband. If you are wondering how? We’ll reveal it all!

Adorable Boyfriend!

She writes that her boyfriend is sweetest and no doubt so. Moreover, she also captions the image that she is lucky. After all bunches of roses is the thing girls prefer, don’t they?

Amanda also writes that she was surprised and loves her boyfriend, Matthew BryanFeld dearly. We feel so happy if our beloved surprises with a beautiful bouquet of flower, don’t us?

She captions the post as:

“Speaking of slaying...sometimes when I try to dress up nice I just end up looking like a vampire with a cool fake bow tie...but he still ??'s me, so it's ok.”

The couple looks so adorable.  Both of them looked perfect and made for each other.

This image implies that both of them took a new Costco membership. But let alone these memberships, they look good together. What do you think?

Amanda is portraying various roles in TV and Movies!

Amanda Fuller portrays the character of Kristin Beth Baxter who is elder daughter in the show. She often serves as an antagonist to Mike. But during senior year of her high school, Kristen becomes pregnant with her son. She was a single mom on the show until season two until moving out in the season two finale. She again starts her relationship with Ryan, her son’s father, and the couple ties a knot. Married life along with a son and husband, the story unfolds!

There was also lots of blogs being posted about Amana being pregnant in the show.

Her character as that of a lesbian in 2010, Red white and blue did proclaim appreciation of critics worldwide.

Amanda Fuller, No longer a Blonde!

Amanda has colored her blue, and she's not doing it on a whim or for a simple reason. The actress has made it clear that this action is supposed to stage a form of a comeback for her and she believes she will empower herself to improve herself now and cite this hair dye as a start of a new journey for her.

The actress posted about her update on Instagram with a lengthy post explanation of her current status stating that she has always been this rule follower, law abiding little girl that looked up to her retired police chief of a dad. Citing herself as 'a little girl,' an 'Oscar dreaming little girl' and talked about how she always wanted to dye her blue but couldn't do it cause she was scared stating,

"I never had the guts to do it. not even in my 20's. and even now, as a 'successful', independent, self-reliant 32 yr old woman w/ an established and yet growing career...I've been too chicken to. scared people won't like it. scared I won't be in the 'perfect' condition to book any part that comes my way. scared to break the rules. which is ironic because in my work, breaking the rules is my favorite thing to most favorite stories to tell are the ones that break all the rules. but in my real life, I am still that boxed in girl...always playing by the rules and trying to make everybody else happy....most of the time. i'm still working on it. but not yesterday."

However, the actress finally gained the courage and had stood tall for what she believes in, commenting on her current condition saying,

“Yesterday, after over a year of battling ominous health issues and still not getting better, after not booking the dream role I had my heart set on for this hiatus, after battling depression and body dysmorphia and self-hatred for too long- I said f*** it. I needed a change. I needed to be in control of something; and so I did the one thing I have always wanted to do. and now I have blue hair!”

And we must admit, she does look great with her new aquamarine blue hair.


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Amanda Fuller's Short Bio:

Amanda Fuller, most known for playing the role of Kristin Baxter on ABC's Last Man Standing was born on August 27, 1984. She graduated from Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, California in 2002 and found her first role on  ''Til There Was You as 13-year-old Debbie as well as David Listers' Askari. She was also cast on Tales Of the City as a child.

As an adult, Amanda Fuller has worked on many hit TV series such as  Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS,  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Division,  Malcolm in the Middle, That 70s Show,  Grey's Anatomy and Last Man Standing.

She also previously directed the production of the theatrical play This is our Youth written by Kenneth Lonergan.