American Best Selling Author Lis Wiehl And Her Divorce With Attorney Husband, Mickey Sherman; Children?

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American Best Selling Author Lis Wiehl And Her Divorce With Attorney Husband, Mickey Sherman; Children?

Celebrated Author and Fox News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl has a reputation that precedes her well.  The mother of two has had an incredible career in the past decade, but her marriage life has not gone that well. Let's take a walk down the memory lane and see what experiences she has gone through in her marriage.

The Marriage of Lis Wiehl and Mickey Sherman

Lis Weihl got married to her longtime boyfriend Mickey Sherman in 2006. The couple had been dating before getting marriage and understood each other well what they both wanted in their lives.

As their wedding that took place in 2006 did not attract much attention back then, there is a lack of information and images regarding the holy matrimony.  

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The married couple had two children, a son named Jacob London and a daughter named Danielle London together and considering the lack of rumors of Illicit affairs, they couple had a blissful married life.

Husband's Prison statement leads to Divorce

However, after six years of Marriage, Lis Wiehl divorced Sherman in 2012. Assumptions have been made that the reason for the divorce was Mickey pleading guilty to Tax Evasion of over 1.1 million dollars in 2011.

After getting a divorce from her husband, Leis Weihl is currently residing with her two adorable children.

Keeping all the unwanted matters aside from her life, Weihl is also focusing on her career as an author as she is one of the most successful writers in America with five different Best-selling books. She published her first novel in 2009 named Face of Betrayal; A Triple Threat Novel.


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A hard working Television personality, Lis doesn't forget to separate time for her family and furthermore, fights for a better future for her children both directly and indirectly.


It is evident how much she loves her son and daughter as she is playing a role of a true mother and a mentor.

Lis Weihl doesn't ignore her fans or social media either. She doesn't forget to congratulate and greet fans on various occasions and refers to her followers affectionately as 'Friends.'

A Short Bio of Lis Wiehl:

Born on August 19, 1961, in Yakima, Washington, Lis Wiehl graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from Bernard College and a Master of Arts in Literature from University of Queens as well as a JD from Harvard Law School. Currently working as a legal analyst and reporter for the Fox News Channel, she hosts the weekly segment of The O'Reilly Factor 'Is it Legal?' Alongside Bill O'Reilly.

She has previously worked as a professor at  New York Law School as well as University of Washington Law School. Quite a renowned author, Lis has published various Best-selling novels which include Winning Every Time: How to Use the Skills of a Lawyer in the Trials of Your Life, The 51% Minority as well as the Triple Threat Series.