Ashleigh Murray May Just Be Hiding Her Dating Affair And Boyfriend? A Glimpse Of It Along With Her Bio

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Ashleigh Murray May Just Be Hiding Her Dating Affair And Boyfriend? A Glimpse Of It Along With Her Bio

Some celebs like to keep everything concealed, while other take some extra steps to share their joys and sorrows with their followers. The TV actor cum singer Ashleigh Murray is the one who just tries to be on the safe side by revealing her love life, but, in an incomplete manner.

The story of Ashleigh is rather heart touching, which indeed packs her never give up attitude. But does this story of Ashleigh also includes her boyfriend? Well, keep reading to find out!

Is The Actress Dating Or Seeing Anyone?

Ashleigh has been active in the entertainment domain since 2007 with a short film called Finding Harmony. She is the actress who has established herself as the lead singer of Josephine and the Pussycats, portraying Josie McCoy in the CW series Riverdale.

But does the celeb has someone who plays the lead in her love-life as well?

While she gets immersed herself into her career, her intimation regarding her love life is little hard to understand.

Back in May, the 29-years-old actress Ashleigh took Instagram to share a picture of a guy embracing her from behind.


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The two seemed to be in an intense relationship and completely in love with each other. While Ashleigh addressed the guy as her favorite chicken nugget, it is evident to guess him to be her boyfriend.

The boy indeed looks similar to Justin Timberlake, which many of the actress' fans have mentioned in their comments.

Approaching to her 30s, the actress doesn't seem to be tying a knot anytime soon. Well, she and her mystery boy might be still giving enough time to their relationship.

Apart from her man, Ashleigh had always loved to be guided by her parents, as she shared a similar post on Twitter on March 10 when she missed them.

Moreover, she gets obsessed with the concept of people that makes them think all black actresses are same. She expressed her dissatisfaction on a Twitter on June 15.

The media post included not her, but the pictures of other black actors, like Rosewood actress Alisha Wainwright and  Black-ish actress Yara Shahidi.

A Wiki-Like Bio Of Ashleigh Murray:

Ashleigh Murray was born on January 19, 1988, in Kansas City, Missouri. She stands tall enough to a height of 5 feet and 3 inches, and her sun-sign is Capricorn. Being young, the actress spent most of her time in Oakland and New York City where she did her studies. She completed her graduation from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in 2009.

Ashleigh made her appearance in an off-Broadway production of Child of the Movement while she was in her graduating process and later worked in several projects like Welcome to New York, Grind, The Following, Younger and so on.

However, the career of the actress becomes incomplete if we don't mention about her struggle.

Ashleigh was indeed a struggling actress, who has overcome the worst scenario at one time. Besides her appearances in different films and TV series, she was in massive debt before getting an offer for Riverdale.

Those were the struggling period for the actress according to Collider, who interviewed her in early March this year. She told:

“I was $4,700 behind in rent. I lived in New York City, so it was a lot of money. And I was just about to take a break from acting for about six months, until I could get myself back on my feet financially, and then hit the ground running.”

She further mentioned:

 “This was my last audition. So, I went on the audition, and the next day, I was on my way home from the grocery store with $12 in my bank account. I had to call my mom and ask her for an extra $5 because the last of it went to food at Whole Foods, just so that I could get home.”

Moreover, she explained her pity situation as:

 “This was my first big audition for pilot season, and I was so broke. I didn’t have money to do my laundry, so I was washing my clothes in my bathroom sink. And then, I ran up the street and begged the guy at the laundry mat that I go to, all the time, to please let me dry my clothes there because I had a big audition the next morning. So, he let me dry my clothes for free. I stayed up all night, printing out resumes and headshots.”

All's well that ends well.

The actress is now in a sound financial condition and approaching to her great career.

We wish the actor luck for her future and hope she involves a husband in her life soon!

Stay with us for the budding updates on Ashleigh Murray!