Yara Shahidi Old Enough To Be Dating Affair and Have A Boyfriend? Has Perfect Blend Of Steady On Career and Solid Family

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Yara Shahidi Old Enough To Be Dating Affair and Have A Boyfriend? Has Perfect Blend Of Steady On Career and Solid Family

When one starts a career and stands out for a long time, the person might end up being the expert in that particular field. Likewise, if you start doing that from the very young age, then to reach the heights of success is somewhat predictable.

Similar is the case with the talented actress Yara Shahidi, who has made her long way at a tender age. This actress has been able to land on various roles and has skyrocketed in the hearts of many.

Today, we enlighten you with some facts about her life, clarifying the probability of her having dating affairs and boyfriend, along with the information about her family.

Any Possibility Of Having A Boyfriend?

The young star is on her way to make a name for self in the industry. The albeit strikingly beautiful actress Yara has been able to cement her position in hearts of many, and that has helped Yara to make an army of fans. And as this is the condition, it is no surprise that fans are wanting to know about her dating affairs or boyfriend. But does she have one?

Well! On that very matter, Yara Shahidi once shared in September 2015. At that point, she mentioned that she is in a serious relationship, as she jokingly said,

“I'm currently dating AP Calculus, but I'm sad our relationship will end this May after the exam.”


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As Yara just graduated from High School, she currently must have left her love interest, for now, and shared that she will move to Harvard University for higher education.

Insight Of Her Family And Career:

Yara Shahidi was born to parents Afshin Shahidi (a photographer) and Keri Shahidi (an actress and a model) on February 10, 2000. She beholds mixed ethnicity, as her mother is of African-American and Choctaw descent and her father is of Iranian-American descent.

Talking about her ethnicity, she mentioned,

“We're Choctaw Native American and African-American---our family originated in Ghana, and then there's a portion of our family that's the descendants of Vikings."

Yara Shahidi is very young, but when it comes to her work, she has been able to grab some notable roles. She did her first commercial when she was just six weeks old, for a life insurance’s print advertisement.

The 17 years old actress got professionally into acting from 2007 featuring in the television series “Entourage.” Prior to her acting career, Yara has worked in several print and broadcast campaigns with her mother and brother. 

Further, she went on to work in several movies and series, but she rose to fame after she got cast as Zoey Johnson in 2014 for “Black-ish.” With the perfect portrayal as an angsty daughter in ABC’s Black-ish, she’s at ease with a plethora of more bookings.

Caption: Yara's role as Zoey from ABC's 'Black-ish' became her breakthrough role. (Published on December 8, 2016)

The American sitcom has been a significant part of Yara’s career and life too. She is very attached to the cast and crew of the show, and moreover, her favorite is her onscreen brother Andre Johnson, Jr., portrayed by Marcus Scribner. She told,

“I love all of them, they're all pretty awesome, but Marcus and I are like twins. We spend so much time together, and we're so in sync, we end up saying the same thing at the same time a lot. And sometimes we'll just look at each other and have a full conversation without even saying a word."

This Minneapolis bred, in 2009, did her cinematic debut starring opposite Eddie Murphy in “Imagine That." Her performance in the movie also led her to the nomination in Young Artist Award. Furthermore, in 2010, she worked in the Angelina Jolie’s “Salt.”  

Caption: Yara Shahidi made her cinematic debut in 2009 in 'Imagine That.' (Published on October 29, 2014)

The actress, who is her mid teens, has set a trademark for self, and with no doubts, she has a long way to go, and we would like to wish her the best for her future.

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