Setting Straight Atz Lee Kilcher Divorce Rumors! Wife Explains Why Couple Avoid Putting Kids on TV

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Setting Straight Atz Lee Kilcher Divorce Rumors! Wife Explains Why Couple Avoid Putting Kids on TV

Quick Fact Check

  • Date of Birth 1977-08-26
  • Age 42 Years 3 Month(s)
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Reality Star
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Father Atz Kilcher
  • Mother Lenedra Carroll
  • Brother/s Shane Kilcher
  • Sister/s Jewel
  • Son/s Etienne Kilcher
  • Daughter/s Piper Kilcher
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Wife/Spouse Jane Kilcher
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Gay No
  • Net Worth $4 million
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

The preconceived notion of winter being harsh all over the globe does exist in our mind, but have fans ever heard about the winter in Alaska? Well, it's jarring beyond the limit.

The breathtaking beauty of Alaska doesn't go hand in hand with the winter chills. If they are still not aware of their lifestyle, they can follow the American series "Alaska: The Last Frontier," which perfectly illustrates the life of Kilcher’s family, whose four generations have been surviving there.

The regular viewers of the reality show are all too familiar with Atz Lee Kilcher and how he manages to survive in Alaska by gardening, hunting, and fishing for food. But are you aware of his married life? Has he parted ways with wife amid the ongoing divorce rumors? Let's dig in to find out!

Atz Lee & His Wife Address Divorce Rumors

Atz’s wife needs no introduction as she is loved by the people, who watch the American TV series, Alaska: The Last Frontier. But to individuals who have no idea about his life partner, let's introduce the commercial fisherwoman, Christina Jane Kilcher, who is famous as Jane.

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Atz is married to Jane for a long time now and together; they share two children; a son named Etienne Kilcher and daughter Piper Kilcher. However, the pair hasn’t provided the details regarding their wedding.

Atz Lee Kilcher shares a selfie featuring wife Jane Kilcher via Instagram circa 2018 (Photo:- Atz Lee's Instagram)

In January 2017, there were many rumors regarding Atz’s bitter relationship with his wife and the possible divorce in their marriage. 

As a response to the rumors, the father of two children indirectly answered via social media posts that were enough to claim the suggestions as false. Though Atz didn’t address the matter correctly, he posted a picture of his beautiful wife of Instagram, captioning “My lovely fisherwoman.” 

Not only Atz but Jane also falsified the rumors by saying, 

“My husband and I are still in love and he’s right next to me in case you think different! Lol”

As clear as crystal, the duo shared a good relationship with each other so it would be wrong to question their rapport.

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Following the premiere of season 8 of Alaska: The Last Frontier, the pair was seen speeding up their romance in Adak Island.

Accident Induced Injury; Supportive Wife

Previously, Atz suffered a terrible accident causing him serious injury, which his wife supported him in the recovery process. Uploading an Instagram image, he shared about his injury on 11 August 2016. 

On the first anniversary of the accident, in 2017, Atz Lee shares images of a year-old injury (Photo:- Atz Lee's Instagram)

Sharing on Instagram too, Jane made evident of her support towards her husband. Jane also helped her husband to deal with hate comments on social media. She mentioned that Atz's dedication to spending almost 200 hours to film a 42-minute episode, even after going through a horrible accident.

Their love and care they for one another is so very visual and evident. Atz shared an Instagram image on 17 January 2018  with the caption, 

"Me and my lovely love @Janekilcherout at the cabin getting some romantic candle lit cabin time!
#brownchicken #browncow"

Being the famous figure, the shy reality star and his wife also attract curiosity on their kids too! 

Keeping Kids Away From The Limelight!

As Atz is part of the American show, Alaska: The Last Frontier, many fans have the curiosity to see his kids too on the show. However, both he and Jane have opted not to participate their kids in the show and preferred to maintain privacy in their kids' personal lives.

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His wife, Jane revealed their decision of maintaining privacy via her official Facebook account on 12 December 2016.

Atz Lee Kilcher's wife, Jane Kilcher explains as to why the kids don't appear on the show (Photo:- Jane Kilcher's Facebook)

Jane echoed a similar sentiment when she addressed the noise surrounding the lack of screen time given to their kids via Facebook in January of 2018. She quipped:

"We are so proud of our kids, Piper 14 and Etienne 16. They are not a secret. We just keep their lives private and away from the AWFUL internet trollers, etc."

She then followed by claiming that their kids would appear on the show only if they can handle all the "craziness" that comes with being a reality star.

To many people's surprise, the married couple's kids got featured on the very first episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier's new season.

No doubt Atz (age 42) has managed to grab many attentions through his show. Despite the busy schedule, he barely manages time for his family. Nevertheless, he seems to be enjoying a blissful married life.

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Talking about his belongings, the Alaska native receives incredible earnings from the show, and though he hasn’t revealed his exact earnings; his net worth is estimated to be in early millions.

Atz Lee's Wiki-Like-Bio Including Age & Net Worth

Atz Lee Kilcher Jr. was born on 26 August 1977 in Homer, Alaska born to the parents; Atz Kilcher and Leandra Carroll.

As for siblings, he has a sister named Jewel, the seven-time Grammy Awards nominee and a brother named Shane. Married to Jane Kilcher, he shares two children; a son, Etienne and a daughter, Piper in his family.

There's very little to no information about his educational background on the internet. The same is true of her romantic life before his wife, Jane.

Atz, age 42, grew up in the homestead and left it for a bigger and better life like that of his grandfather, Yule, who left Europe. He wandered around with the guitar with the passion for music in his heart but returned to his hometown, Alaska.

Later, he turned into reality star by creating his show called, Alaska: The Last Frontier in 2011, which chronicles his life as a homesteader with his family.

In his 2018 Instagram post, the reality star described his grandmother Ruth as a true pioneer and a fearless romantic. Sadly, grandmama Ruth passed away in 1997. She was 77-year-old at the time of her untimely passing.

Atz is currently busy on two American shows, Alaska: The Last Frontier and Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed in 2018. The season 8 of Alaska: The Last Frontier got aired on 7th October of 2018.

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All his business endeavors have made him a rich man. According to various wiki sites, he has a reported sole net worth of $4 million.

Earning From "Alaska: The Last Frontier"

Together with his wife Jane's fortune, Atz and the company reportedly boast $5 million in net worth.

Despite collecting such an impressive fortune, the father of two kids only makes a reported meager sum of $1,500 per episode for his appearance on Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Indeed, the Discovery Channel's reality show saw a steep decline in the viewership in its subsequent seasons. It could perhaps explain Atz's low pay.

Alsaka: The Last Frontier's regression in popularity is the direct outcome of the gossip surrounding its authenticity. Detractors of the show argue that all the incidents on it are fake.