Caroline Dhavernas’ enigmatic Dating Life Has Left Everyone Wondering If She Has A Boyfriend Or Is A Lesbian:

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Caroline Dhavernas’ enigmatic Dating Life Has Left Everyone Wondering If She Has A Boyfriend Or Is A Lesbian:

A beautiful woman thoroughly addicted towards her work with no single boyfriend allows her surrounding to acknowledge her as a workaholic or straight away lesbian. The “Hannibal” actress Caroline Dhavernas has been building suspicion amongst her lovers after she created a mystery regarding her dating life.

Her silent behavior has made her surroundings doubt about her sexual preference. But let's intervene in the dating scenario of Caroline and try pulling a few details regarding her sexual orientation.

Silence In Love Matter Or Did She Get Married?

Alan Boom portrayed by Caroline has openly revealed about her attraction towards Will Graham (Huge Darcy). In the series of Hannibal, where Boom wants to know more about Will and has a secret desire of getting closer to him despite being aware of his sensitive and fragile nature. On an interview with Sorozat Planet on Youtube on March 31, 2013, Caroline has spoken more about her being as Alan Boom.

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Caption: Caroline talks about her attraction towards Will Graham on Youtube (2013).

Caroline though has revealed about her as Alan Boon and her growing attraction, but she has completely confined her relationship with her rock star boyfriend, Maxime Le Flaguais. 

The Canadian actress deliberately kept the matter under the wraps, but reported on July 14, 2016 about the ongoing affair between Caroline and Maxime. However, not a single detail related to her meeting and dating events has been posted or shared in any of the social sites.

No matter how vehemently she has disclosed about her character's love Alan, she has firmly hidden her real love with the pop star Maxime. But on October 22, 2016, Caroline shared news of her and Maxime attending Montreal Canadian game at the Bell Center. 

Caroline Dhavernas shared a story stating she visited an event with boyfriend Maxime Le Flaguais (Photo: Twitter)

Caroline has well tucked her relationship information, and at the age of 38 years, she might have secretly married her man, or they might have even separated as the source reports the actress to be single but on November 15, 2016,  they were spotted together in the premiere of Pays de Chloé Robichaud which shows that the relationship between them still exist.

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Caption: Peek a boo, Maxime and Caroline spotted at the premiere of Pays de Chloé Robichaud ( 2016) (Photo:

The relationship between Maxime and Caroline still exist, but maybe she is hiding to avoid unwanted stalking due to which she has not further revealed any more information regarding her relationship.

Currently, the actress is neither married nor has a husband, but she is definitely into secret dating with her boyfriend, Maxime.

Why Is She Considered To Be a Lesbian?

Caroline has not revealed a dime about her past relationship and past hook-ups, which had added a kind of speculation in the mind of her fan followers. The speculation further sparked when in the series of Hannibal, Caroline and another female actress Katharine Isabelle were spotted making out.

But, when looking at her recent story, she has been paired with the pop star Maxime which removes all the speculation and added rumors of her being lesbian. Caroline only portrayed the character of Alan and performed the scene which as asked by the script.

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Thus, having not revealed any of the dating histories and performing the lesbian act does not make one lesbian or gay. So, Caroline is a straight indeed. While it’s obvious for the celebrities to get caught into any random rumor especially for that celebrity, who, due to fear of media buzz, keep every story related to their personal life under the cover. 

Like we all say,” Never judge a book by its cover” similarly, never judge a celebrity life by the uproar, rumors, and unwanted paparazzi.