CBS' Steve Kroft, Known For Presidential Interviews, Amazes Us With His Dazzling Net Worth

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CBS' Steve Kroft, Known For Presidential Interviews, Amazes Us With His Dazzling Net Worth

When it comes to professional level, there are only a few people who can take hot interviews with high-level people and Steve Kroft is one of them. Having achieved success and fame through his "60 Minutes" program, he is one of the most celebrated anchors in American media and his program has gained wide popularity and viewers over the years.

A friend and colleague of former "60 Minutes" legend Morley Safer, Steve has also achieved huge success and not to say huge net worth as well as bank balance because of his work over the years.

Amazes Us With His Dazzling Net Worth:

Kroft seems to have been an enormous public interest and has a great fan following numbers as shown by his Twitter account. Beside his popularity, he also seems to have a gigantic bank balance and net worth value of 16 million US dollars, which is clearly a reflection of what he has achieved.

After retirement from U.S Army in 1971, he started to work as a broadcast journalist for  WSYR-TV in New York followed by joining CBS in 1980. There he has become one of the longest-serving journalists for over 35 years and is busy with it. Recently, his show 60 Minutes in CBS is getting so much of views and making more TRP; it is said that his estimated yearly income is around 3 million US dollars.

Caption: Kroft, after receiving the 69th Peabody Award in New York, 2010


A former War veteran and winner of three Peabody Awards and nine Emmy awards, he was also specialised in uncovering several news, mostly about wartime activities, which earned him several medals for his work. He also developed his fame as a " hard-hitting investigative reporter " and covered some most controversial and big stories like "hijacking of TWA Flight 847", "assassination of Indira Gandhi" and so on.

CBS' Steve Kroft; Known For Presidential Interviews

Steve Kroft shot to fame because of his ability to ask hefty questions into related and relevant matters with some of the most influential and respected politicians as well as presidents like Barack Obama and former President Mr. Bill Clinton. His recent interview with President Obama saw him discuss some serious issues like the ISIS attacks, the Syrian invasion Global Warming Leadership and a few others.

Apart from that, Steve has also been known to cover the ins and about of the current presidential election going on in 2016. It seems like Steve and gang have some serious unravelling to do regarding the "strong- favourite" candidate Hillary Clinton as well as Donald Trump.

Although Hillary and Bill were former guests to the show in 1992, the topics of the interview are completely different now. When it was finding out about the truth of their relationships issues back in 1992, now it is about Hillary's commitment and ideas regarding her country, if she were to be the next president.

Caption: Bill & Hillary Clinton Extramarital Affairs 1992 60 Minutes

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