Chris Packham Not Getting Married With Zoo Owner Partner? Love Caused Him To Nearly Suicide

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Chris Packham Not Getting Married With Zoo Owner Partner? Love Caused Him To Nearly Suicide

Too much of love vested in a particular person or thing isn't good. The more you love something, the harder it is at the time of detachment, since, the world doesn't stop where you want it to be. However, the pain of being detached to the one you love without you expecting that might lead to various consequences; suicide being the extreme. 

Chris Packham, the famous TV presenter for the show Springwatch, also had his hands on trying to take his life and the reason behind that was his detachment from somebody who he loved to death. Who did he share such a strong bond with? And why couldn't Chris get married to that individual? Let's figure out.

Chris's Love of his life!

If you follow Chris Packham and his work, you by now should be aware of the fact that his love for nature and animals is profound. An English Naturalist, Nature Photographer and TV Presenter by profession, Chris has evolved his love for nature and wildlife with the time.

Caption: Chris on The Really Wild show in 1987

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He wrote a book 'Finger in the sparkle Jar' mentioning his life long experience and expressing his never ending love for what he does. Chris also revealed about his suicidal feeling for the first time in the book, the reason being the loss of his dog 'Fish.'

Remembering the day when he lost 'fish,' he said:

 “I hadn’t made any mental ­preparation for losing Fish. The whole episode was like some ghastly movie. I’d been to the ­football, the dog was in the car and Charlotte said, ‘He loves you so much, he loves you more that I ever could and you love him more than you’ll ever love me.’

While his dog's death was the reason that intrigued the suicidal feeling in him, on the contrary, the dog that he owned were the reason why he decided to not give up on life.

Caption: Chris with his dogs Itchy and Scratchy

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Those poodles are the gift from his Girlfriend Charlotte after Chris lost "Fish." Chris said in his book,

“They loved me so I couldn’t do it. They kept me alive. They did. I owe them my life. I always will.”

Chris also went through a similar scenario when he was just 14 when his kestrel died, Chris lost his power of speech for a couple of days. He described it was very frightening and he couldn't figure out if that were a psychological thing.

Chris went through a lot of tragedies in his life, from of losing his loved ones to being bullied as a child and being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

Chris Packham's Dating Affairs

The journey of the 54 years old Naturalist's life has been quite a wreck for all that he endured in life. Despite all the agony he came through, there always was love surrounding him, be it in the form of his pets or his longtime girlfriend Charlotte, a zoo owner, who loved him for who he was.

The exact date of initiation of the relationship remains confined to the couple, however, what they have revealed that they have been together for a long time now.

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Despite being partners for a long period, the couple has not yet talked about getting married. Hopefully, they will be exchanging Vows soon, in the days to come.

Prior dating Charlotte, he was once reported to be dating a girl named JO back in 1996, who already had an eighteen-month-old daughter. They fell in love after few months of getting to know one another. Chris was not ready to be in a relationship back then, but because of his love for Jo's daughter, he started dating JO, which finally made its way to the love relationship.

But, the relationship didn't stand out, and the couple split after dating for some time. The reason for the demise of the relationship remains a mystery.

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