Chris Stirewalt Personal Life Conundrum: Married Life To Share Or Just Reports?

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Chris Stirewalt Personal Life Conundrum: Married Life To Share Or Just Reports?

Fox News reporter Chris Stirewalt has been rocking the charts lately with his quirky and humor and political views. The host, who's been involved with the Fox News since 2010, has given some hit shows for the network. 

Likewise, Chris provides transparency to the audience by keeping them updated with the latest news. However, he maintains silence when it comes to his private life. 

Today, let's take a look at the personal life of Chris along with his family information, gay-marriage views, and bio-related details!

Reporter Not Yet Married; Accused Of Posing As Gay    

Chris is likely to be an unmarried man as no sources have linked him to be in a relationship in the past. However, Chris' on-screen chemistry with co-host Dana Perino on the 2016 Fox News' show Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What is much appreciated by the viewers. 

Chris presents I'll Tell You What with Dana Perino (Photo:

A fan tweeted that he wanted to see the two co-workers getting married. In the tweet which was uploaded on 30 October 2017, a fellow user going by the name Sonny wrote,

"Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt should get married, raise dogs, and smile at each other for the rest of their lives."

However, the fan's wish may never be fulfilled as Dana is a married woman. In fact, she has been a wife for nearly 20 years now, with a British businessman named Peter K. McMahon.

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As of 2018, the political editor based in Washington is probably single and busy in his reporting career. Moreover, the middle-aged man, who celebrates his birthday on 17 November, is not much open about his love life either, so it's difficult to grasp if he has any plans on dating or even settling down with a wife.

Besides his low key life, Chris is very open to social media when it comes to gay marriage support. He presented a report titled, "Why Polls Overstate Support for Gay Marriage"; in which he discussed whether the Supreme Court should have the authority to ban same-sex marriage.

However, the report didn't go well with a Twitterati, who mocked Chris in a post saying he should stop setting up himself as gay.

Mother's Death Brings Tragedy To Family; No Time For Personal Life

Chris may not have much success in establishing a romantic relationship; however, he shares a beautiful bond with his parents.

In an article published by Fox News on 26 May 2014, the Fox NewsPowerplay host mentioned that during his childhood, he along with his father and now deceased mother used to visit a local soldiers cemetery and paid their respects to the veterans who died for their country.

On 17 March 2015, the Virginia native shared an old picture of his late mother on Twitter and mentioned that he was thinking about her. In the post, Chris went on to describe his mother as a "Formidable Irishwoman."

Chris shares an old picture of his mother on 17 March 2015 (Photo: Chris Stirewalt's Twitter)

Moreover, Chris also shared a post on 18 October 2015, remembering the song You Are My Sunshine, which his parents sang for him during Chris' childhood.

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Chris may have suffered the tragedy of his mother's death in the past, however, he is experiencing some brighter days currently. His career has prospered as he has been involved in several Fox News' shows and has also gained a substantial net worth.

Chris Stirewalt's bio revealed that he forward to the viewers with his latest book titled Every Man a King, in which he mentioned in the editorial section that populism has also given rise to several conspiracy theories due to the skeptic attitude of the people.

Moreover, on 11th September 2018, Chris presented a report for Fox News in the memory of the tragic event where he talked about some of the repeated mistakes committed by US Presidents be it George W. Bush Jr., Donald Trump or any other leader.

His busy professional life has certainly left Chris with limited time for personal activities, which could be one of the reasons he is yet to get married.