Controversial Show Host, Joe Buck: Incredible First Meeting With Wife

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Controversial Show Host, Joe Buck: Incredible First Meeting With Wife

Some memories we cherish forever. First meeting with your loved can’t be forgotten even if you try to. Well, the controversial show host Joe Buck and his gorgeous wife Michelle Beisner’s first meeting was something very incredible.

Their crazy first meeting led to marriage. Are you curious to know how Joe met Michelle? If yes, you can follow us.

Controversial show host Joe's errand of love with Reporter Wife, Michelle:

Caption: Joe Buck tied the knot with Michelle Beisner in 2014, in a private ceremony.


Michelle Beisner and Joe Buck first saw each other in NFL press boxes for years, but their first conversation began with the help of NFL Network’s Rich Eisen in 2012. Rich was the pioneer in their emerging love story. Eisen called Beisner and said-

“Somebody in the booth wants your number”           

During that time, she was in a relationship and was living with her boyfriend. Right after when Eisen asked her number, she stated that she didn't want to date anyone even if he was an announcer.

After guessing few names, Beisner was sure that the person asking the number was Buck. At that time, she thought Buck as a swell guy. She regarded him as an arrogant and smug look.

By 2013, Beisner was single, and she began dating Joe Buck. They got married on April 14, 2014, in Cabo San Lucas.

Is Beisner his First Wife?

Well, Joe was previously(on January 23, 1993) married to Ann Buck. They have two daughters Natalie, 20, and Trudy, 17 altogether. Buck, who is not a fan favorite, went through a divorce with his wife Ann in the year 2011. He married Beisner three years after his divorce with Ann. Joe Buck and Michelle Beisner is now sharing a blissful married life.  

Hence, Joe Buck is straight by sexuality, i.e. he is not a gay. Sorry, his gay fans.

An American sportscaster Joe Buck was born on April 25, 1969, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Raised in St. Louis area, Buck attended St. Louis Country Day School. As an undergraduate of Indiana University Bloomington, Buck began his broadcasting career in the year 1989.

Numerous Sports Emmy Awards winner Buck is popular as play-by-play announcer for Major League Baseball coverage and National Football League. It’s not a matter of surprise that Joe Buck earns a spectacular salary of $6 Million Per Year from his profession. His is estimated to have $15 million of net worth.