Damon Runyan Has His Married Life And Wife To Show You! You've Been Looking At The Wrong Place All The Time

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Damon Runyan Has His Married Life And Wife To Show You! You've Been Looking At The Wrong Place All The Time

Damon Runyan is an actor who has been quite sensational through his entire career, and that is the reason why the star actor and director is loved and respected by everyone. But hang on, how well do you know about this man?

You might know what he is and what he represents regarding his professional life, but do you know that he has a beautiful family life consisting of his wife and his daughter?

Well, we would now like to save you the talking and take you straight through a stroll past his family life.

Damon Runyan: A Blessed Family Man: His Wife & His Daughter:

Damon Runyan never speaks much about his family life, but everyone knows that he is a blessed man when it comes to his personal life.

He has been enjoying a blissful married life with his long standing wife, Jodie Dowdall, and even though the exact tenure of their relationship and their marriage is kept under the rocks, there is no denying that the love between them is immense.


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Adding more love to their relationship is their daughter, Ruby Simone Runyan, whose birth certainly has strengthened their bond even more.

Welcoming Ruby to this world in his life back in May this year, Damon must have felt that new beams of light and happiness have entered his life.


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Damon is not even tired of posting pictures of his wife and his daughter on social medias; why be tired when you can just keep on looking at them all the time.


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These pictures make it evident how much love they have between one another and also quench the thirst of those who were willing to know if the star actor is dating anyone or has a girlfriend in his life.

What these pictures further do is clarify people, who previously speculated him to be on the gay side, about his sexuality.

Damon Runyan originally hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He discovered acting and the love for this business at an early age; but instead decided to pursue the financial sector and tried a hand at it, working as a Futures Trader during the 90’s.

His love for acting prevailed later, and Damon opted to go back to the craft in 2001 when he began studying at The Second City.

Shortly after that, Runyan landed a series of roles on “The Newsroom” with Ken Finkleman, “Kevin Hill,” playing opposite Christina Hendricks, and the film “Cheaper by the Dozen 2,” where he worked opposite the likes of Steve Martin, Eugene Levy, & Bonnie Hunt.