Danielle Brooks Does Not Consider Weight Loss! The Famous TV Show Actress Loves Her Body Too Much For It

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Danielle Brooks Does Not Consider Weight Loss! The Famous TV Show Actress Loves Her Body Too Much For It

Body shaming, in this century, is a huge problem. Though it may not be considered as a much severe issue, it makes a significant impact on people who deal with it. But, amid such chaos, there are heroes who try and save the day.

One of such heroes is Danielle Brooks, who has all the luscious curves of which she is proud of. Something like Megan Trainor’s mama said, ‘Don’t worry about your size.’ (All About That Bass.)

Danielle Brooks is an actress that you are familiar with from the TV show ‘Orange is the New Black.’ But did you know that she is an advocate for her own body and for everyone who feels their body isn’t right?

Well, you might just be missing out on a lot of things. So stay put to get acquainted!

Weight Loss For Danielle Brooks is A Big ‘No-No’

Weight loss for Danielle Brooks? Don’t even think about it; the actress loves her body too much for that!

In an Instagram video, she shared her experience in the gym when she saw a woman who looked fabulous without a shirt. But the actress recollected herself in an instant.

“I just left the gym, and as most people know I take my shirt off when I go to the gym. I had my shirt off and this lady walks in and she […] looked great with her shirt off. So immediately I’m like, ‘Oh no.’ I started to lose my confidence.”


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She was on the verge of putting back her shirt on when she realized that it was wrong; what she was doing was wrong!

“I realized I’m comparing myself to this woman, and I was like, ‘Why just two minutes ago I was feeling great and now I’m not?’ And I realized the reason I was feeling so great was because I was comparing myself to yesterday’s Danielle. And today’s Danielle is better than yesterday’s. That’s why I felt so good. Ladies, don’t compare yourself to nobody. Just be a better you.”

She also uploads other pictures on Instagram with motivational captions, that will just change the way to think of your body.


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Danielle, a month before the above image, shared her excitement of seeing herself in the advertisement.


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Danielle Encourages More Show Appearances:

In an interview in early 2017, Danielle said that she does not want her body to be the reason for accomplishing things in her career, and added that she is working on downing any barriers created by size.

Danielle said while expressing her wish of having females of different size and color,

"I don't want to be limited because of my size,I want to be the love interest. I want to wear makeup, I want to put on heels and put on my Spanx and look fabulous and have some man be doting over me. I want to be in a thriller movie. I want to be in an action movie. I can run up, stuff! I don’t want people to feel that I can’t do things or I’m not attractive because of that — that’s what I want to see.”

As for fans who are concerned about her dating affair with a boyfriend, here's good news for you, she remains single as of this date. That’s right; the actress has not shared anything that anywhere relates to her dating someone. There are friends and family she hangs out with, and that seems to be all that there is.

Danielle further shared a funny story related to her family and her role in the show ‘Orange is the New Black.’ She revealed that her parents were totally against her taking the role because it supposedly had nude scenes.

“From day one! I had to be topless in a scene with Taylor [Schilling] in the shower, and I didn’t know how much they were gonna show of my ta-tas. So when that happened, that was the first thing, I was like, ‘Parents, look, Mom, Dad, yo, I think I might have to do this.  I told them, and they were like, ‘No! No!’ They’re going to hate me for saying that, but they did.”

That time, she even though of dropping the role,

“To be honest I didn’t know Orange was going to be one of those dream jobs, I almost turned it down in the beginning because there was possibility for nudity.”

However she did not; a decision that has made herself, her family, and her fans happy ever since.

She feels blessed to have taken the role as the show gave Danielle a lot of things, like tremendous acting career and a lot of close friends, who she can now count as family.

Stay with us to stay updated on the life of Danielle Brooks!