Fleur De Force Cherishes Her Married Life With A Loving Husband And Also Reveals Her Inspiration For Vlogging

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Fleur De Force Cherishes Her Married Life With A Loving Husband And Also Reveals Her Inspiration For Vlogging

YouTube is a platform where anyone can emerge with their talents. Making videos on viewer’s interest and uploading it to YouTube is what vlogging is. However, there are many famous vloggers out in the wild, and one of them is Fleur De Force, a famous vlogger who's videos are related to beauty.

Fleur De Force’s Husband

Fleur De Force is just another beauty blogger like Sylvia Gani and shares many common things. Fleur is a beauty vlogger, and so is Sylvia, and both of them share a happy relationship with their respective partners. However, Sylvia is just dating her vlogger boyfriend WolfieRaps whereas Fleur is already a married lady. Fleur De Force married a handsome man named Mike De Force in August of 2013.

Caption: Fleur De Force and Mike De Force's wedding day. 

On the occasion of her third anniversary, Fleur uploaded a photo of her wedding day on her Instagram account and captioned it as the best day of her life.


3 years ago today... I'm not sure where the time has gone! ?????? you @MikeDeForce #bestdayever #timeflies #luckyme

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Inspiration for vlogging:

Fleur De Force started her channel with the name ‘FleurDeVlog’ in September of 2009. Her interest in beauty was always there but the person who gave it a major push is incredible singer Taylor Swift. Fleur saw one of the Taylor Swift's interviews where she was talking about make-up tutorials on YouTube and expressed she liked watching them.

Fleur was unknown to all of the YouTube makeup videos before watching Taylor Swift talking about it, and that solely had her watching the beauty related YouTube videos for months. After much encouragement from her mother about reviewing products, she finally started making her videos.

Caption: Fleur De Force's first YouTube video. 

Along with sharing her inspiration for vlogging, Fleur shared a message cum advice to anyone who is interested in vlogging career. She said,

“The most important thing is to be passionate about what you’re talking about, as that’s what shines through and makes people want to watch you. It’s also important to really love what you’re talking about as it’s hard work building and maintaining an audience.”

Fleur achieved many things from her vlogging career, and most of them are happiness. She wrote her first book ‘The Glam Guide’ and also has her makeup line and has also interviewed her inspiration, Taylor Swift.

“But my biggest career highlight is that I got to interview Taylor Swift a few years ago. She asked about how she was the reason I discovered YouTube. Amazingly, she said she now watches my videos. That was the best moment. That was pretty special for me.”

Fleur De Force’s Short Bio:

Fleur De Force was born on July 19, 1988, in England. To talk about her age; she is currently 28 years old Fleur Bell is her real name. As of 2013, Fleur and her husband Mike are living in a new house; however, the location is unknown because of privacy reasons. Apart from her YouTube channel, Fleur and her sister Hannah have another channel called ‘Bride De Force.’