Is Griffin Newman Married and Has a Wife? His Twitter Says No

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Is Griffin Newman Married and Has a Wife? His Twitter Says No

The change in one's relationship status comes from a conscious decision and commitment. Some people rather choose to commit to their work, leaving their relationship status undefined.

As the fans of a celebrity, it only makes them more curious when a celebrity chooses the latter path. Born to the family of performing arts, Griffin Newman, an American actor, has kept his relationship status very confidential.

So, is he married and living happily with his wife or still dating someone? Are you wondering what's happening in his life? Then, here we present to you the information about his personal life.

Griffin Newman's Relationship Status

Griffin Newman, born as Griffin Claude Beresford Dauphin Hunter Newman, has attracted the hearts of many people with his superhero role in the series The Tick. He is tremendously busy shooting for new projects. But still, he has time for a little romance.

In his tweet back in 2012, he clearly mentioned that he would even pay the girl just to pretend to be his girlfriend. It reflects that he was single at that time and he humorously sounded desperate for a girlfriend.

Ladies, there was your time to shine!

But, wait, there has been a change in his relationship status.

Newman was linked to a girl, but it seems their relationship ended before 2015, as he addressed to her as his ex-girlfriend.

Caption: Griffin talking about his ex-girlfriend.

Source: griffin Newman's Tweeter

No further information about the famous ex-girlfriend has been revealed. If anything, the tweet clarifies that the relationship is over.

But again, he shared a post saying that his ex-partner sent him a link to THE LOBSTER's website. We're guessing he's talking about the same girl.

Later, on the same post, he confided that he is thinking of taking a break from dating.

Well, the two year's almost over now!

The detailed information about his past relationship/s has not been disclosed. He has kept it very confidential. All we know are the bits and pieces he revealed on the social media that are barely enough to draw any conclusion.

Since he has not talked about his current relationship yet, we cannot just deem him single. He might be dating secretly under the media's prying eyes.

An Overview of Griffen Newman's Career

Looking at his career and increasing success as an actor, we are not too surprised as it is in his genes. Griffin, who was raised in New York, hails from a family with a long career in the arts. His father is a producer, whereas his mother is a casting director as well as a former actress.

After he dropped out of college to act full-time, he kicked off his acting career with less prominent roles in films like Draft Day and the series like Vinyl and Search Party. Newman's appearance on The Tick marks his first time in a leading role, which must have, without a doubt, helped his net worth.

In an interview with EW, he disclosed that he was obsessed with the superheroes, and how fortunate is it that he is now portraying the role of one?

“I have been obsessed with superheroes for the majority of my life, so just the fact that I’m, like, in a superhero suit that was actually made for my body…”

Griffin's other film credits include Beneath, Night Moves, Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List, Bakery in Brooklyn, and Inside you. Similarly, he even co-hosted the show Blank Check with Griffin and David.