Brendan Sexton III Married, Girlfriend, Gay, Family

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Brendan Sexton III Married, Girlfriend, Gay, Family

When an actor completes his job, he gets out of a character and moves on to the next. However, some roles stick with the actors and eventually goes on to define them; for instance, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

There is one more man in the list, but his character was darker and evil than the previously discussed celebrities.

After starting his career as the emotionally vulnerable bully Brandon McCarthy in the 1995 independent movie, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Brendan Sexton III went on to do more evil roles. Finally, he got his big break playing a disturbed gay person who could not cope with his sexuality in Boys Don't Cry.

Post the film, Brendan moved on to other roles and did great performances in movies & TV shows like Russian Doll, The Killing, Life on Mars, Black Hawk Down, This Revolution, and so on; however, his realistic portrayal of a troubled gay man hung on to him, and many started suspecting him of being gay in real life.

So, is the actor gay or he just went too perfect with his acting? Let’s find out!

On Gay, Dating And Married

Brendan Sexton III is often associated with playing the antagonist, and he is quite good at it. Throughout his career, he has given brilliant performances, but his most disturbing role was in the 1999 film, Boys Don’t Cry, where he portrayed the character of Marvin Thomas Neeson.

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In the movie - loosely based on the life and murder of a lesbian/trans man named Brandon Teena - Brendan portrayed the role of a troubled gay man, who eventually raped and murdered Teena to avoid facing his own sexuality.

Brendan Sexton III shows off his devilish charms in a scene of the 1999 movie; Boys Don't Cry (Photo:

However, in real life, Brendan is not evil and probably isn’t gay as he has never consulted his sexual preference publicly. 

The actor, being a low-key person, has not revealed his married life too and is assumably a bachelor to this date. Further, he hasn’t mentioned any dating relationship, and the existence of his girlfriend is still unknown, which again raises the question about his sexuality. 

Fortunately, there have been no rumors of the Session 9 actor indulging in any gay affairs. 

Hails From Broken Family; Nine Siblings

Brendan - age 39 - comes from a broken home as his parents split when he was still a kid. After his family got separated, Brendan was estranged from some of his siblings. He has nine siblings in total - two brothers named David and Eben & seven sisters namely Tara, Ilona, Lisa, Amber, Carinna, Zoe, and Oona.

The divorce between his parents caused his mother to relocate in Virginia; whereas, Brendan spent most of his childhood with his father in Staten Island, New York.

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Brendan got involved with acting at a young age and often performed in theatres. His constant hard work and dedication towards performance art are what made him the successful actor he is today!