Jack Hoffman Wiki: Age, Family, and Other Facts Of The Man From Gold Rush

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Jack Hoffman Wiki: Age, Family, and Other Facts Of The Man From Gold Rush

Many would only carry an aspiration of achieving something, but few would embark on a journey to accomplish it; without the fear of the failure associated with the dream.

Jack Hoffman is one of those people who followed his dream of mining the gold, which also turned into a television program called Gold Rush. Today, let’s know more about Jack in a wiki-like bio of this Gold Rush fame!

Jack Hoffman From Gold Rush:

Jack Hoffman is very passionate about gold mining, and he even admits that he would do whatever it takes. He is ready to die for his passion, and his fans witness his vehemence through the show Gold Rush.

Although Jack spends most of his time in the gold room rather than working shifts that he used to in the past; his work ethic and his desire to find gold still burns in his heart.

Caption: Jack Hoffman kept the pain, which he treated with painkillers, away from the crew member of Gold Rush.  (Video Published on March 19, 2012)

Twenty-five years ago, Jack mined in Alaska in the hope of discovering gold but came near to losing everything. He sorely failed and thought that he would never be able to mine gold again.

However, as sunny days greets after a stormy night, his dream of mining came alive again, as his son, Todd Hoffman led the gold mining team in 2010 around Alaska. Since then, Jack saw the Hoffman Crew pull over 5000 ounces of gold and continues to chase more gold.

Jack Hoffman's Family Life:

In the time of difficulty, the person who has been behind him like a solid pillar is his wife, Georgia Hoffman. Jack and his wife Georgia met when they were teenagers, and they started to date each other when they were in high school.

The relationship blossomed, and soon the high school sweethearts exchanged wedding vows and eventually got married, and they have literally grown old with each other. Together they share two children, son, Todd, and, daughter, Tamra. 

Moreover, Jack shared the secret of his happy married life which is in the video below.

Caption: The woman who has been the strength behind the Jack Hoffman is his wife, Georgia Hoffman. ( Video Published on Nov 10, 2015 )

Jack Hoffman's Short Wiki-Like Bio:

Jack was born in Sandy, Oregano and has reached the age of 76. He is a former military officer and a Bush pilot. With the dream of mining gold, Jack sold his property and airport in Sandy, Oregano and left for Alaska, but his hopes shattered as he came on the verge of losing everything.

He got a chance to relieve his dream again, as he joined Gold Rush, led by his son Todd Hoffman, which gets telecasted in Discovery channel. Additionally, Jack, who earns an estimated salary of 200k/year for the show 'Gold rush,' has accumulated a net worth of $250 thousand till this date.