Jeff Zeleny From CNN Keeps His Married Life In Shadows? But Does That Make Him Gay?

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Jeff Zeleny From CNN Keeps His Married Life In Shadows? But Does That Make Him Gay?

Jeff Zeleny is a name that may sound much familiar to many of us for his strapping career background, but when it comes to the details regarding his personal life, that significant number would undoubtedly plunge.

Well, if you agree with this, you are going to accord with one additional point; Jeff highlights his career and keeps his family facts in shadows!

Jeff, who serves as CNN's senior White House correspondent and passes the inside news to people, indeed keeps the mass in the dark when it comes to revealing his marital details.

So, grab this opportunity to move out of the darkness, and get ourselves imparted with some facts about the man!

Is Jeff Zeleny A Married Man Who Prefers To Keep His Family Life Out of The Public Eye:

CNN's Jeff has earned a massive number of followers through his sublime career getting himself engaged with some globally renowned news agencies like CNN, ABC and New York Times. The fame has indeed been an implement for him to veil his family details.

The 44-year-old Jeff, who is agile regarding his job, is quite passive in revealing his personal details, and this has further caused failures for the media sources to cover the facts regarding his family details.

Nevertheless, some sources reveal that he is the son of Diane Naomi and Robert Dean Zeleny and has two older brothers; James Robert and Michael Jon Zeleny, who were together raised on the family farm.

His social media accounts remain totally professional as well; they include only the portions of his job and his moments with his co-workers.

The early November Instagram post of Jeff captured his CNN colleagues, while they attended a dining place in Palm Springs, California called 'Copley's on Palm Canyon.'


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Jeff's persisting fact of concealing his inside-the-house details has thence led to chaos either if he is a single man or already has a wife.

Amid the confusion regarding his partner, Jeff was even speculated to be a gay man, which is indeed baseless, as there are no such reports on his statement regarding his sexuality.

However, his Twitter account often features gay stories.

The Rock-Hard Career Of Jeff Zeleny:

Jeff, a native of Exeter, Nebraska, studied news-editorial journalism and political science from the University of Nebraska. After the graduation, he began his journalism career at the Des Moines Register and later joined the Tribune as a reporter on the Metropolitan desk in Chicago in 2000 A.D.

Jeff then worked with the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times as a national political correspondent. The range of his career later got extended as he worked as a senior Washington correspondent for ABC before joining CNN in 2015.

He is now a senior White House correspondent for CNN and covers the administration of President Donald Trump for all network's programs and platforms.

Jeff is now covering his third presidency after traveling around the world with the former presidents: George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Additionally, he has covered the 2016 campaign, which was indeed his fifth coverage of the presidential election.

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