Josh Widdicombe Already Parents With Girlfriend! Age 35, Explicit Details

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Josh Widdicombe Already Parents With Girlfriend! Age 35, Explicit Details

British comedian Josh Widdicombe knows how to be a private man in terms of his personal life for he doesn't much profess about his personal life to the public. 

In contradiction to him, Josh's girlfriend is an open lady regularly flaunting her romance on social media and doesn't even holds back from showing public display of affection towards her longtime boyfriend. 

The couple shares a weird but lovable relationship, and their love has further increased with the addition of the newest member of their family.

After being unlucky from a former relationship, Josh is a lucky man to have a loving girlfriend who wants nothing but love and maybe kids from him.

Unlucky With Girlfriend; Married Man Or Not?

Josh was unlucky in love and his six years of dating life has it all to say about!

Though fewer details are revealed about his girlfriend, he explained the split reasons as the sacrifice for his comedy career. In a 2015 interview with the Independent, he expressed that he would make his profession worth the sacrifice. He said,

"Once that happened I thought, well I’m in now. In for a penny, in for a pound. This has cost me my relationship, I’d better make this work."

After the end of his longtime relationship, Josh remained single for a while only to find the woman, who would later become his mother's child. 

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The son of a former builder father and an editor mother as per wiki, Josh is currently dating Rose Hanson, a television producer and has moved on with her in east London.

Although the pair has not disclosed about they commenced their relationship, it is assumed that they first started seeing each other when Rose produced an episode of Josh's 2013 performance which was recorded at Hammersmith Apollo in London. 

The comedian's girlfriend also has her way of joking, which is featured on her social media time and again. 

On 14 September 2013, Rose posted a tweet in which she mentioned that she had accidentally given her number to a magician and apologized to Josh for her unintentional mistake.

"I accidentally gave my number to a magician last night, sorry @joshwiddicombe I thought it was part of the act."

Back in September 2016, when Josh had traveled to Rio for work, Rose shared an Instagram picture of her and Josh revealing that she was eagerly waiting for the arrival of her boyfriend on 20th of the month.

Josh Widdicombe, along with girlfriend, Rose Hanson (Photo: Rose Hanson's Instagram)

Also, the partners exchanged romantic messages on Valentine's Day of 2017 via Instagram writing the caption, 

"Happy Valentine's Day d-bag ❤️hope you're enjoying Wahaca @joshwiddicombe"

Soon, Rose, who became pregnant in early 2017, gave birth to the couple's baby in October without revealing the exact date of her delivery. She was last seen as pregnant on 4 October as per her Instagram, but by the 23rd of October, she had given birth to her daughter. 

Rose has not yet shown the face of her child but has posted several pictures to show some glimpses of their baby girl. 

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On 27 July 2018, she shared a backside photo of her child, who was nearly nine months by then. 

Rose shares the picture of her first child on 27 July 2018 (Photo: Rose Hanson's Instagram)

Less than a year of the birth of their first daughter, Rose has already shown interest in having a second one. On 27 July 2018, Rose shared an Instagram post alongside comedian Thomas Craine's child and expressed her will to have a second child of her own. 

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Josh, who stands at the height of 1.69 m as per wiki, and Rose have not yet married each other and have not mentioned any intention of them getting married in the future. But, parenting a lovely child and maybe having another one soon, the couple's relationship is no less than a husband and wife.