Is Kavan Smith Married? Hints On Having a Wife But How True Is It?

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Is Kavan Smith Married? Hints On Having a Wife But How True Is It?

For a celebrity, every detail they share about their personal life on media can be sensitive. Those details can catch a lot of mixed judgments from the public and celebs don't want that. 

Thus, many celebs desire to keep the personal details such as affairs, family or marriage to themselves. 

Actor Kavan Smith shares a similar thought, as he wants to maintain privacy in his life as well. Despite that, he keeps providing us with hints of his wife that make us question if the actor is already married.

So let's take a closer look at the matter to find out the actual truth!

Is Kavan Smith Married? How True Are His Hints Of Having A Wife? 

Fans wish to know every detail of their favorite celebrity's personal life, especially their dating affair with girlfriend/boyfriend, marriage and more. Well, actor Kavan Smith's fans are no less different. 

However, the famous Canadian actor seems to be making his fans play a guessing game, as he drops hints on Twitter that he might be married. 

On May 3, 2011, he indicated saying how he met his wife during volunteer work at a treatment center, 

Similarly, recently on June 10, 2017, Kavan shared a tweet saying he couldn't tweet his wedding photo because his wife said "No." 

It's not just his tweets that claim Kavan to be married; some sources state his wife's name to be Corrine Clark, and they have two children together.

Caption: Actor Kavan Smith and Corrine Clark together at a party. 

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However, since Kavan Smith has spoken publically about his wife, it is evident that he is married and has kids. However, he hasn't officially shared details about his wife's identity, so, it is still a mystery despite the claims of media. 

But what it did is, it fend off all the gay rumors Kavan was indulged into because of his secretive nature. 

More About Kavan Smith.

The 47-year-old actor, Kavan Joel Smith, was born on May 6, 1970, in Alberta, Canada. Kavan has a brother, and the two were raised by their single father, as his mother and father parted ways earlier when Kavan was a young child.

Ever since his childhood, Kavan was very active in sports including football and martial arts. Growing up, during his teen years, Kavan enjoyed performing and rehearsing skits with a friend.

Moreover, after his graduation, he went to the University of Calgary to study Major in Economics but dropped out after a year. It was that instant when Smith realized his real passion for acting and attended Mount Royal University.

Soon, he grabbed a lead role on the Canadian TV show 'Destiny Ridge' and moved to Vancouver.

Since then, he has earned his name and fame as a successful actor by starring in television shows such as FOX's Human Target, The CW's Smallville, Supernatural and much more. Moreover, his film credits include, Mission to Mars, See Spot Run, and Stark Raving Mad.

Moreover, Smith is best known for his roles as Major Evan Lorne in the TV show, 'Stargate Atlantis,' and as Agent Jed Garrity in the TV series, 'The 4400.'

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