King Bach: Every Dating Affair and Girlfriend This Viner Has So Far

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King Bach: Every Dating Affair and Girlfriend This Viner Has So Far

It's no secret that the on-screen industry has always attracted the highly ambitious people.

Andrew Bachelor, aka King Bach, wanted to be the biggest movie star in the world ever since he watched his first movie.  

As of now, Bach is not just an actor, but also an online personality, producer, content writer, and Ceo of RuJohn Foundation. And not to mention, this multitalented figure is also a viner, indubitably, the most successful viner of all time with more than 16.9 followers. He also has the most views movie on Netflix. 

Well, the actor has even found fame beyond the internet and among the ladies. Accordingly, it is indeed difficult for the 29-year-old viner not to get tangled up in dating rumors in between his journey.

Multiple Dating Rumors

One of the names that are on the list is Liane Valenzuela, who is a Vine star, actress, singer, dancer, and model. 

Bach started dating the talented beauty back in January 2014. However, the duo parted their ways in February 2015.

Right after breaking up with Liane, Bach's dating rumors with the 26-year-old model and TV personality, Amanda Cerny, hit the headlines. 

Caption: Bache and Amanda have also worked together on several Vines.(Published on Aug 29, 2017)

Later, the online media went as far as to claim that they were married for about a year.  

Back in July 2015, Bach, however, uploaded a tweet photo with a caption that referred Amanda as his friend.

Caption: The picture shared by King Bach with Amanda Cerny on Twitter with caption "#FriendshipGoals" in July 2015.

Photo Credit: King Bach's Twitter

Despite the rumors, the pair hasn't made any official statement regarding their possible relationship so far. But, in 2017, Amanda had few loving words to offer to King on her Twitter. Here's the tweet.

And, responding to the tweet, Bach expressed his mutual feelings to Amanda. Are they dating or just friends?

Moreover, Bach's dating rumors with Youtube/Vine Star Lele Pons has been swirling since May 2016 when the duo uploaded a video titled "Couple’s therapy."

Later, in September 2016, Pons and Amanda, who were friends, accused each other of public shaming one another. 

Caption: King Bach's reported Girlfriends had a public fallout.

Photo Credits: Amanda Cerny's Instagram

Reportedly, Amanda first accused Pons of deleting her famous online contents without her knowledge, and then she uploaded an Instagram picture blurring Pons' face. 

Overweight Ex-Girlfriend

Moreover, in February 2017, Bach referred to his ex-girlfriend in one of his tweet but didn't disclose her name.

Anyway, it's not sure if the famous viner, King Bach,  is currently single or is dating someone in 2018. 

King Bach's Wiki-like Bio and Professional Life

American actor, online personality and businessman, Andrew B. Bachelor, a.k.a. King Bach, was born on June 26, 1988, in Toronto, Canada to accountant parents. His sister name is  Christina Bachelor.

The actor graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Management from Florida State University in 2010. 

Later, King enrolled at New York Film Academy right after his graduation. 

While studying at New York Film Academy, he also joined a comedy troupe and a drama club.

Before joining Youtube and then Vines, Bach dropped out while studying in the last semester at New York Film Academy to pursue his future in the video making world. 

King was also an excellent athlete in his early days, but his passion for acting drew him towards the light of stardom. 

Remarkably, Andrew has shown his acting and comedy skills not only in his VInes videos but also in the TV series such as "Black Jesus," "The Mindy Project," and in movies like "Fifty Shades of Black,  and "Meet the Blacks."

Net Worth

Bachelor estimated net worth is estimated to be $3 million. He is currently working on a gay parody movie,’Get Out 2’.

Although the movie revolves around the same story as the original, there’s a hilarious twist in the remake.