Know What Enkindled Rosie Mercado To Start A Weight Loss Session That Resulted Her Measurements To Be Fairly Smaller

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Know What Enkindled Rosie Mercado To Start A Weight Loss Session That Resulted Her Measurements To Be Fairly Smaller

Obesity is a burning problem of today’s world. Being oversized has many disadvantages, and people who have become the victim of it want to lose their weight and get back to their slim figure. Similarly, Model Rosie Mercado faced this problem too. But she’s done it! Yes, she has shed a lot of fats and has now got the slim figure. So how did this happen? Let’s uncover her story on the weight loss.

The Root Reasons Behind Her OverWeight

In the first place, the question arises why did Rosie gain so much weight? It's because of the quiet times and circumstances that she had to face in her life. First of all, she had to deal with the separation part of her marriage and secondly, her son was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. Here is what she has to say about it in her words,

“I hit rock bottom about eight years ago, and started gaining a lot of weight,” she tells People. “My son was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy, my marriage fell apart. Everything that could possibly happen happened.”

Amidst the problems of her life, she didn’t pay much attention to her increasing weight. In fact, she let herself to being fatter.

A Trigger Factor For Rosie To Lose Unnecessary Fat

Rosie once weighed 410 pounds, but after taking her weight issue seriously, she proved it right that once you are determined about something, difficult tasks are also possible to overcome and get the success where she was successful to shed 250 pounds!

The motivational factor for this to happen was one embarrassing incident that she had to face due to her heavy weight.It was when a flight attended told her to buy an extra plane seat. She says that,

“They were really rude,”

 “They announced it in front of everyone that I needed to buy an additional ticket. That was an ‘aha’ moment for me – either I choose to continue living this lifestyle, or I make a wise decision and take responsibility for my life.”

Then she took a low carbohydrate and low dairy food and also did a workout for six days a week. She kept her persistence all along the way and thus finally got what she wanted.

 Painful Days When She Was Full-figured

Life was harsh when she weighed 410 pounds.Rosie had a hard time finding a job due to her size. She used to send only her headshots to different modeling agencies. From them, she used to get interested calls, but after finding out her size, they would say no.

She also had other problems which she expresses as,

“For me it was normal for me to have to think about fitting at a table or booth,” she says. “I couldn’t go to the movies. I couldn’t go to Disneyland – I had to hire a nanny so my kids could have fun because I was too heavy for the rides.”

How is Rosie Coping With The Reactions Of Her Weight Loss?

Regarding her weight loss, she got mixed reactions.Some appreciated her effort while some gave negative reactions. The “fat activists” sent her vicious online messages. People who were against her weight loss told to jump off a bridge and kill herself. She hasn’t taken those negative remarks too much into her heart. She responses to those haters as,

“I got hate mail ... Not so much from the other models, just fans that hated on me.” 

“Because I guess everybody loves to be happy in their own weight. Some people love being overweight, some people don’t.

“I think it’s a personal choice and you’ve just got to take it, there’s good and bad that comes with any life choice and changes so you know what?

“You’ve just got to let it go and not pay attention to the negative remarks.”

Caption: Rosie's responses to negative comments about her weight loss.

She further added:

'Diet for me really equaled a lifestyle change, it equaled freedom, it didn't equal a size. 

'It equaled to having freedom of choice, getting on a roller coaster, going zip lining and just having fun.'

She had to go through a complicated process to get the right size, and now she reminisces her oversized period as a learning chance.

She said it taught her to be 'humble, how to treat people, never judge a book by its cover.' 

A Quick Information About Her Personal Life

The mother of three, she was married to Australian physical trainer Kirby Johnston, but in 2009 the pair got divorced, and they are no longer husband and wife. Nothing much has been disclosed about the spouse's whereabouts.Currently, she is single and has got no boyfriend. Still she has not revealed about her net worth as she is privacy concerned lady.Last but not the least, how this plus-size model transformed her measurements is commendable.