Kristen Ledlow's Attraction Towards Athletes: Dated a Baseball Player, Ex-Boyfriend and Married History?

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Kristen Ledlow's Attraction Towards Athletes: Dated a Baseball Player, Ex-Boyfriend and Married History?

A million dollar question is can a celebrity expect privacy in their personal life? Also, can the celebrity guard their love life so well, that least regarding their personal life surface in the media? 

The famous sports personality, Kristen Ledlow, sets an example for many and guards her personal life very well. And least about her romantic life is known to her fans, and nothing could surface in the media unless she wishes to share it with her fans. So without further ado let's dig in. 

Does Kristen Ledlow Have A Boyfriend?

 The first thing that pops into your mind, when you see a beautiful and talented celebrity like that is Kristen Ledlow is the  “Relationship Status.”

Kristen has been very secretive about her personal life and least regarding her personal life has circulated in the media.  But it's possible that she is romancing with her boyfriend secretly, without the knowledge of the people.

Nevertheless, Kristen revealed that she had a boyfriend who played baseball at Jacksonville through a tweet on September 12, 2015.

Moreover, Kristen shared that she had once dated a baseball player from Jackson State, who had dumped her through a letter he left on her counter. She further said that today was a bigger disappointment compared to that moment, probably about the loss of Jackson State that day.

Kristen only mentioned about dating a baseball player without disclosing names, so the identity of her ex boyfriend remains hidden.

Besides being so popular among boys, her dating life remains shallow or at least that is what she is trying to show. But that does not stop her followers from wanting to be that lucky guy by her side. 

However, there have been no accounts of her being married in the past to have a husband, so she remains unmarried in the public eye.

Kristen Ledlow Athletes' Attraction:

Not much about the love life of the Sports anchor, Kristen Ledlow's is known to the media. But as you explore her social media accounts, one thing is sure, that she has got a thing for sports, and her chemistry seems great with almost every sports athlete she interviews.

Kristen is a sports lover, and she is inclined towards the athletes so, it would not be a big surprise if someday her mystery man is revealed as an athlete.

Kristen is an NBA show host and also participated in the NBC celebrity league and showed her basketball skills. Also, she showed off her basketball skills through an Instagram post, where she is leaping with a basketball to mark the leap year on February 29, 2016


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Apart from basketball, Kristen specializes in volleyball, and she used to be an All-American volleyball player. And she cherished her college volleyball days though an Instagram post on October 15, 2015.


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Moreover, Kristen's shows her inclination towards the American Football through an Instagram post back in September 2015.


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Kristen Ledlow's Love!

We may not know about the lucky guy in her life, but we do know that she has someone whom she loves a lot. And she is the proud owner of her cat named 'Magic.' 

Kristen spoke about how she found Magic and the story behind his name to on September 15, 2016, and said.

“On the day I adopted Magic, he was the last kitten in the very back and had his paws reaching through his kennel’s door,”

Also, Kristen shared Magic's tragic story in which Magic's mother had abandoned him. So, Magic was deprived of learning cat-like behavior from his mother.

“At the shelter, I was told by a volunteer that he had been abandoned and hadn’t spent enough time with his mother to learn cat-like behaviors so that he may pick up some of my ‘human behaviors’ instead. Within a couple of weeks, he was opening the kitchen cabinet to get food, turning on the sink to get water, and even sleeping under the covers.”

Moreover, Kristen confessed,

“I may have led Magic Johnson to believe my cat was named after him,”

Kristen loves her cat and flaunts her cute cat through Twitter while wishing good luck to Noles on September 6, 2016.

Kristen's is fond of Magic and even flaunts it on the occasion of National Pet Day on April 11, 2017.


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Kristen showers her love on her beloved cat, Magic. But we hope she finds her Mr. Right soon and acknowledges her soul mate publically!