Landon Liboiron Keeps Possible Girlfriend a Secret! But Does That Make Him Gay?

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Landon Liboiron Keeps Possible Girlfriend a Secret! But Does That Make Him Gay?

Well, labeling celebrities as gay and lesbian in the absence of their relationship updates is very common these days. When the stars are tight-lipped about their love life, they are usually victims of those kinds of accusations. And in this context, it's impossible for a celebrity to escape such allegations. 

A Gemini Award-nominated Canadian actor, Landon Liboiron is one of those celebrities who is doubted on his sexuality as he has been keeping the details of his love life close to his chest. 

But does a private love life means that Landon is gay? Let’s find all the answers by digging deeper into Landon's life!

Landon's Hush-Hush Dating and Affairs!

Landon has always been low- key about his love-life. Sharing out his relationship status and being vocal about love life is not his forte. But his discretion hasn't hidden his love affair from the limelight.

The tight-lipped actor Landon once dated the beautiful Canadian actress Charlotte Arnold. Landon and Charlotte, the on-screen lovers of the Canadian drama series "Degrassi" who played Declan Coyne and Holly J. Sinclair respectively took their relationship to off-screen as well. 

Their relationship is noted to start from 2009, and it ended within a year, and the two broke up in 2010.

Caption: Landon Liboiron and Charlotte Arnold playing couples on the screen of 'Degrassi.'

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Landon hasn't ever spoken about his splitting reasons with Charlotte. And neither has ever talked about his post-breakup relationship.

But, as per sources, the TV Star Landon might be in a relationship. He is rumored to be dating a girl named Alisha Jack. It is also said that the duo met in St.vincent when Landon went there for a short vacation. 

However, Landon has not yet commented on the news. He has not opened any information about the story, and neither has spoken about his current relationship. Well, the story is possible to be just a rumor, or maybe the actor is, in fact, hiding his possible girlfriend-filled life. But anyway, his relationship history and affair rumors have clarified that the actor is nowhere to be not straight.

Apart from the love life, Landon is known for his acting roles in the TV series such like Life Unexpected, Terra Nova and "Degrassi: The Next Generation."

He acted as Peter Rumancek in the Netflix’s Emmy-winning series "Hemlock Grove (2013-2015)" His role as a gypsy werewolf there caught him a lot of attention and also appreciation. Moreover, “Girl in Progress,” “The Howling: Reborn,” “Daydream Nation,” “Altitude” and “Passchendaele” are the movies that add to his acting credits.

Landon is also very active on his social media. He can be time and again seen posting his pictures on Instagram and doesn't hesitate to update his fans on what he is doing. In 2017, he took one of his traveling moments on Instagram and flaunted his shirtless pose there.


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Landon who's family is no part of the Hollywood prefers to keep his personal life very private and rarely shares his experience behind the camera. 

In 2013, Landon talked about his family in an interview with ELLE and said that spending time with his family members makes him feel very good and away from workloads. 

 "The best part about that is my family is not a part of this Hollywood world. Every time I get to go back home, I get to be Landon. Nobody really wants any gossip. They're just like, 'So, you enjoying the project?' and I'm like, 'Yeah.' 'Great! Let's go fishing.' It's humbling to be able to have that as my home and be able to go back to. Nothing has really changed for me. I will always approach life with a small-town vibe. It makes experiences more fantastical."

Also, telling that he loves being at home with his friends and guitar, he added,

I'm kind of a homebody. I kind of dabble in music. I play a little guitar, but mostly, I'm a social guy. I like being home and I like being with my friends, going out on the town, and exploring different cities. But I do take a lot of comfort being able to come home and thrash out on the guitar… I'm not really picky when it comes to music, as long as it's honest.

Landon seems to share an adorable bond with his family and his family to looks to be supportive of him. Well, the actor has been working hard for his career, and with this pace, it seems like he will have all his part of stardom soon. 

His work and dedication have also helped him garner a  lot of attention. But, it would be more pleasuring for Landon's fans if he shared the glimpses of his personal life with his followers and timely update them about his relationship status.