Is Madeline Zima Secretly Married? Hints On Intentions Of Dating Women While Talking About Lesbian Role

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Is Madeline Zima Secretly Married? Hints On Intentions Of Dating Women While Talking About Lesbian Role

When an actor portrays a same-sex romance onscreen, then they are conjectured to be a lesbian or bisexual off screen as well. And if the actor portraying such role hides the personal life from the fans, then the conjectures become even stronger as the people are oblivious to the reality.

Sharing a similar story is actress Madeline Zima, who portrayed a lesbian onscreen and she even hints on her dating a woman. The curiosity arises among fans, was that an indication of dating a woman in real life as well?  Did she get married? And if she did then she has a husband or a partner? Let’s find out.

Is Madeline Zima Married? And Husband?

Madeline Zima remains unmarried in front of the public, as neither the news of Madeline Zima’s marriage has not surfaced in the media nor has admitted being married till now. 

However, we would like to inform you that Madeline had a boyfriend. On June 2011 Madeline mentioned that she has a boyfriend in her tweet. Madeline acknowledged that she had a boyfriend but did not reveal his name keeping it a secret. Nevertheless, Madeline’s ardent fans got to know that she has a boyfriend to romance in real life.

Also, Madeline's love life has not surfaced in the media, and she has kept her romantic life a big secret. And it's unknown when the veil over her love life would lift so one can only imagine how colorful it would be.

Talks about her Lesbian character!

In one of the rare occasions, in an interview on July 29, 2010, Madeline showed interest in dating a woman. So did she drop a hint on being interested in a woman? Let’s find out.

Madeline has portrayed bisexual and lesbian characters onscreen and revealed that the character of “Gretchen” on series, Heroes was not her first gay role and shared,

“I did a movie with Brittany Roberts and I had a crush on her in the movie and had to make out with Selma Blair, It’s called Family Tree. So this was my second girl-on-girl kiss.”

Talking about her series "Heroes," Madeline revealed that her character was not lesbian in the script initially and shared,

“I had inkling because it was called a “chemistry read” with Hayden [Panettiere] and I was like ‘Hmm, chemistry! With a girl? I never had to do that. That’s weird.’ And I kind of was playing it that way just because I like to find the underlying things in a character and play those things up, which it was more flirtatious than straight up friendly.”

Moreover, she expressed her wish regarding the onscreen relationship of her character "Gretchen" with "Claire" in the series "Heroes" and said,

“We were mainly friends and had a lot of sexual tension, mostly on my part, but a little bit on hers, too. It’s like they didn’t want to go all the way gay with that storyline but I think they should have. I think they were scared. They’d put us in a trunk together and they’d find new ways to make us in a really close space but not make us kiss anymore. It’s like “what are you doing?”

Madeline was utterly serious  as she gave these statements without joking at all and said,

“You never know, I might become a lesbian sometime. Very soon — I seriously considered it. I think women are beautiful and they’re definitely good kissers.”

And on being asked if she had any connection beyond her onscreen role with her onscreen love Claire Bennett portrayed by Hayden Panettiere, she laughed and replied,

"If there would be any girl, it would probably be her.”

Does Madeline statements hints on living inside a closet without acknowledging her sexuality in public? Is it the reason that her romantic life remains far away from the limelight?

The possibilities could be endless, and nothing regarding the matter could be said as Madeline has not stated anything regarding the matter.

In the career front, Madeline is a part of an upcoming television series, Twin Peaks which will soon be premiered on May 21, 2017. Also, two episode from the 18 series is selected to show at the Cannes Film Festival 2017.