Mario Batali's Content Married Life With Wife And Family That Is Also Into Cooking! Pays Restaurant Staffs For Alleged Pilferage

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Mario Batali's Content Married Life With Wife And Family That Is Also Into Cooking! Pays Restaurant Staffs For Alleged Pilferage

Chefs are known for winning people's heart with the magic of their recipes, and among all the odds, sometimes it might also be the result of some controversies.

If you are a food lover, you don't even require to be introduced to people like Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay, as the aroma and the unforgettable taste of their dishes speak on behalf of them.

But even if you aren't much of a 'Foodie,' you might have heard of Mario Batali being dragged in the controversies of allegedly pilfering from his staffs. So what was the actual scenario, behind the allegation on Mario Batali, who is a happily married man and has a family who is as much into cooking as him? Let's get some insight into the matter.

An Act of Pilferage That Cost Mario Batali $5.25 Million!

For a man whose net worth figures to $25 million, being alleged for the act of pilferage might not sound to blend in well. But, as they say, expect the unexpected!

Mario Batali, who is one of the most renowned chefs, restaurateur, and a media personality, was booked as his employees claimed to be the victim of his pilfering act.

It was the year 2010 when Mario's former staffs reported how Mario and his business partner Joseph Bastianich enforced a policy, docking around five percentage of tips from the wine sales.

The justification for the deduction made was to contribute to the research of wines and replacement of the broken glasses, the proclamation of which was not backed up by any findings. Mario ended up paying $5.25 million settling the lawsuit.

Caption: Mario Batali with his business partner, Joseph Bastianich.

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The reports claimed this might supposedly be the biggest tip skimming settlement in the history!

A family, Where Everyone Loves Cooking:

We love to treat our belly with toothsome food almost all the time, but do we equally love to cook? Well, not necessarily, right?

When the world is enormously blessed with chefs, who can help increase the calories in your body, why sweat trying to cook!

However, Mario's family is an exception, despite Mario being the greatest of cooks, his wife, and two kids have their hands in cooking as well. It must be beautiful- the whole family cooking together for feasts. 

Caption: Mario with his wife Susi and Sons, Loe and Benno.

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Batali is married to Susi Cahn since 1994, and they both are parents to two adorable sons Benno Batali (elder) and Leo Batali (younger). Being married for 22 years now, it's quite obvious he is straight in regards to his sexuality, but people did speculate him being gay at some time in the past.

Mario has handled both his personal life and professional life with grace. He co-owns many restaurants in New York, Las Vegas, Singapore, Hongkong and few more, but never falls behind praising his sons and his wife regarding their cooking abilities.

He posted the picture of a pie made by his wife on Instagram and praised her saying she makes the best Cherry Pie.


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Here's a clip of Batali's sons cooking for their Dad Mario, 

Caption: Mario Batali's son takes over chef's duty in Cookbook.

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Mario's specialty is Italian cuisines, and he is an expert in the history and culture of it. Mario has been awarded the "Best Restaurateur" from the James Beard Foundation in 2008 and not only that; he has bagged many awards with his culinary skills

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