Mike Jerrick Lost His Wife! But Is Engaged To Get Married With Fiance Now

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Mike Jerrick Lost His Wife! But Is Engaged To Get Married With Fiance Now

Losing someone leaves behind the pain and scars that cannot be taken care of easily. But as they say, time heals everything!

Moving on from the pain becomes easier if we are blessed enough to find a new ray of hope in the form of someone else, who won't necessarily fill the space of the person before, but can give us the support we need in life.

Sharing a similar scenario is Fox29's  Mike Jerrick, who lost his wife some years ago but then found a new partner in his life, such that he could move ahead in his life with purpose, and as of now, Mike is engaged to her and is on track to getting married.

So, let us address their relationship and also shed some light on his relationship with his now deceased wife.

After Losing A Wife, Mike Jerrick Is Now An Engaged Man: Who Is His Fiance?

It was 2009 when the iconic TV anchor lost his first wife, Joy, who was also the mother of his two daughters, Jessica and Jill Jerrick. The loss of his wife, along with the death of his mother back in 2004 sunk him into a depression, that compelled him to take antidepressants. 

He even started drinking to get over the pain and the sorrow of the loss of their beloved ones.

But the wound healed when he initiated a dating affair with his lady friend Shelda and got engaged to her during December of 2014. 

Fox29 also confirmed the happy news; a place where Mike spent valuable years working.

Ever since the engagement, the two seems to enjoy every dimension of their relationship and often gush about it on social media sites.

No significant details about their wedding plans have been revealed, but everyone is happy that Mike has someone's shoulders to rest his heads on! 

Mike's Daughters Helped Him Recover From His Depression: Mike Joins Fox29 Again!

Almost everyone knows that Mike Jerrick stepped away from his duties at Fox29 back in February 2017, to attend a wellness retreat in North Carolina.

But he made his triumphant return in April to Fox29; the place that has served his professional life the world of good, along with an attractive salary, which eventually has contributed to his net worth of 2 million USD. 

The reaction of the people around him said it all. Alex Holley from Good Day Philadelphia confirmed his return!

“This is real, guys — thank gosh,”

So who and what were the influencing factors for him to make this return?

Jerrick's daughters, Jessica and Jill were the ones who convinced him to attend the wellness retreat, and they were the one who made him believe that he still had not lost his inner self.

Further, Jerrick stated that his daughters felt like they had lost their dad when he was not in the program, and added that his daughter kept him strong after he checked in the retreat.

Jerrick gushed about his experience in the retreat programs as,

"I wish that everybody watching could go through what I went through in that 31 days," 

"I feel like this is a dysfunctional family, and I'm the weird uncle," 

"But now I won't be the drunk uncle."

Mike's new life, which encompasses the memories of Joy, the love of his fiance and his daughters along with his grandson, Jack keeps him going.


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