QVC's Host Rachel Boesing Married Status Revealed | Age, Ethnicity & More

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QVC's Host Rachel Boesing Married Status Revealed | Age, Ethnicity & More

While your numbers in age keep adding, the marriage question turns into a pressure!

But not for the QVC host Rachel Boesing, who is 52 years of age and dominating her game. 

At the age of 52, the host prefers to keep the situation under control and for the curious fans, she replies the married question herself! For the one, who makes life's more enjoyable as per her co-worker, is her husband makes her life enjoyable as she does of others?

QVC Host Married Status; Undetailed Husband But Mother Of Two Children

The Hey Remember! star, Rachel Boesing--aged 52 is often surrounded with the question about her married life. With her increasing number in age, she has equally kept her personal life away from the prying eyes.

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Rachel Boesing, co-worker Alberti Popaj (Photo:

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But she does not hesitate to answer the question if asked by her fans. In the now-deleted post on facebook, when her fan asked if she got married. She instantly replied that she does not have a husband, but without her married life she is living happily with her two four-legged children.

Well, the animal lover journalist indeed lives happily with her niece and nephew, but she has not disclosed anything on her married life.

Wiki Speaks Ethnicity And White Family

After joining QVC in 2011, she founded a new family where she could be who she really is.

The 52 aged Rachel was born on 17 May 1966  in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally she is from Nigerian French, Ukranian, and German family background but later was adopted by the white family when she was just two-months-old. She is a middle child to the family, who has an older brother and younger sister.

Rachel Boesing, mother on mother's day (Photo: Rachel Boesing's Facebook)

In her family, she and her brother are the only members of the family to pursue the career beyond the artistic world. Rachel's mother is a playwright and father is a composer where her sister is an opera singer.

Her older brother is a businessman and also she has a career background in business, but she is now a full-time journalist.

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The high school player found the loving family in her workplace who rejoiced her presence and regarded her as the beautiful being. On her 50th birthday, her co-worker Amy Stran wished the young Rachel quoting her the fountain of youth.

Amy wishes Rachel Boesing on her birthday (Photo: Amy Stran's Facebook) 


The diverse ethnicity journalist shares a good bond and understanding with all her co-workers, and they regard themselves as lucky for getting a good friend like her.