Is Richard Arnold A Gay Man? Anticipated Fan-base Demand To Know if He Has A Husband Or A Wife

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Is Richard Arnold A Gay Man? Anticipated Fan-base Demand To Know if He Has A Husband Or A Wife

Having an obscured sexuality has always been a matter of concern for a lot of celebrity fans. They tend to be more curious about what the celebs are up to in their personal life. We can take Matt Gutman, a reputed television personality whose sexuality was a question mark. Fans heavily speculated if he was indeed a gay.

However, he was not as he is married and has a beautiful mystery wife with kids. However, Matt isn’t the only person whose sexuality is the talk of the town; we have another TV personality, quite a comic one today who is suspected to be a gay man.

Confused who we imply? Well, he's none other than our own Richard Arnold!

A Gay Man Who Has A Husband?

Before we jump into any conclusion, let’s acknowledge the sad fact that Arnold got dumped-right just a week before Valentine’s Day. Well, you will feel sorry for him when you see him reveal that he had it all planned out.

The presenter dropped the news of him being dumped to his Good Morning Britain co-presenters, Susanna Ried and Ben Shephard.

Caption: Richard Arnold, revealing he's been dumped just before Valentine's Day.

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The 47 years old later continued that he would go on the internet to find love.

“I’ll get on the internet.”

Ben Replied,

“Something tells me you’ll be swiping left and right and you’ll be happy.”

Hinting by the internet, Arnold meant Tinder. To which Arnold replied in a jokingly,

“Brilliant, let me know when you’re on there.”

Now, you’ve surely done feeling sad for Arnold and have started to think that who was the one to dump him?

Well, keeping his personal life away from the limelight, Arnold had been dating a guy named Stuart for 13 years give or take. The revelation about him having a partner was never public, as the name Stuart comes up front very rarely.

In 2016, Arnold lost his father that came as a tragedy for him. He claimed he was very close to his father!

In the moment of grief, among many fans, was his partner Stuart, who supported him. But sadly, as per Arnold's revelation, Stuart dumped him a year later, before the couple could escalate their relationships from partners to getting married and calling each other husbands.

No Children?

The fact that Arnold is a gay man and sadly, quite recently being dumped by his love, clears any misconception of him being married and having a wife.

However, the former couple, before parting ways, had a child, a four-legged fluff ball – a Cockapoo called by the name Clemmie. Arnold claimed that she was the grandchild his parents could never have. Arnold revealed with Telegraph in 2015,

“She’s the grandchild they never had. They love her, and she loves the company.”

Apart from Clemmie, Arnold wanted to have a couple of corgies. However, his then partner’s reaction was,

“Firstly they tend to nip (and we have a lot of godchildren), and the only reason you want to have them is so you can walk down the front steps of the house and pretend you’re the Queen getting off a BOAC plane at Dyce Airport in Aberdeen – not a good look.”

Arnold took the advice and dropped the idea of Corgis.

He recently marked 20 years of service on Breakfast TV, something nice after his father died and before his partner bombarded him with the breakup. Regardless the breakup, Arnold still is charming as any other guy, so there's no doubt that he will have another partner.

And who knows, they might just have a wedding!

Richard Arnold was born on November 24, 1969, in the United Kingdom. He studied English Language and Literature before studying journalism at the City University London.

Over the years, the actor, who notably stands at a tall height, has also stepped on the dance floor, as he partnered with Erin Boag in the 2012 series of Strictly Come Dancing before being eliminated at the 7th week.

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