Is Robert Wisdom Married? The Actor Keeps Possible Wife Details Secret But Does That Make Him Gay?

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Is Robert Wisdom Married? The Actor Keeps Possible Wife Details Secret But Does That Make Him Gay?

Every person imagines a happy and prosperous life by a certain age. Some dream of a successful career while some imagine themselves enjoying a blissful family life when they reach their fifties.

When it comes to an individual involved in a show-biz, they have fans and followers interested to know about their life behind the cameras. And though they are bound to attract several attentions towards their personal life, some celebrities maintain huge privacy in their personal life.

Rosewood’s actor Robert Wisdom falls under the same category, as he too hasn’t been very active in sharing the details regarding his love life, unlike other celebs like Kelly Hu, Peter Mansbridge, and Ricky Whittle.

So today, we take a peek into the life of Robert, shedding some light on the secretive life of this aspiring actor!

Is Robert Wisdom Married or Is Enjoying a Secret Family Life?

Celebrity life is not at all private, until and unless they opt to keep it inside a closed box. And to our knowledge, it seems that sixty-four-year-old American actor Robert has chosen to enjoy a secret personal life.

Despite his secretive nature, there is no doubt Robert has already marked his place in the film industry as one of the talented and veteran actors.

Robert, who has been active in the film industry since 1990, has plenty of work credits which includes his roles as Norman "Lechero" St. John on the season 3 of Prison Break and Howard "Bunny" Colvin on The Wire (2003-2008).

Caption: Robert Wisdom talks about his character Lechero in the 3rd season of Prison Break (Published on Feb 8, 2009).

No doubt he has a large number of fans, followers, and well-wishers curious to find out whether he is married or not. But, his professional career and work credits are the only things that have surfaced the media as of now.

What if we ask you about the appropriate age when you would prefer to get married? Will it be mid-twenties, the early thirties or somewhere around forties?

Since different people have different choices, some people believe that Robert is already married and is enjoying a secret family life, while some believe that he is single even at 64 years of age.

However, Robert’s hush-hush off-screen life has made people question his sexuality of being on the gay side since there is no any echt evidence of his married life or a possible relationship status.

Robert, who hasn’t revealed whether he is married or not even at mid-sixties, hasn’t even talked about his sexuality, which is why the fact remains a mystery till this date.

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