For Samantha Hoopes Athletes Are Not Boyfriend Material Anymore! Is it Because She's Already Dating A Potential Husband?

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For Samantha Hoopes Athletes Are Not Boyfriend Material Anymore! Is it Because She's Already Dating A Potential Husband?

Everybody has their preference when it comes to choosing whom to date and whom not to. Some people like dating younger people while some prefer older individuals than they are.

However, Samantha Hoopes, the sizzling hot bikini model's preference of a potential boyfriend is not affected by age, but rather she sorts them out from what they do.

For Samantha Hoopes, Athletes are not boyfriend materials! This sure has broken hearts of the athletes who ever thought of dating this beauty but what can they do when the arrow is released; it cannot be returned. But why does Samantha Hoopes thinks so?

Let's dive in to find that out!

Why does Samantha Hoopes Not Prefer Dating Athletes?

 Well, it looks like the luck of athletes has run out as Samantha Hoopes thinks dating athletes is messy. Yes, that’s right.

Samantha, in an exclusive interview with TMZ, revealed that she finds athletes messy to be dating and is inclined more towards dating business person. She says,

“I think it’s less risky, quieter.”

She continues,

“Businessmen can still be slutty, but athletes are messy.”

Caption: Samantha talks about inclining towards wanting to date a business person.

Video Credit: TMZ

The interviewer later asked if her boyfriend has taught her any business moves, to which she replied,

“No, I don’t talk business with guys I’m dating. I don’t talk money, don’t talk business.”

Well clearly, here’s the girl who could not care less for her boyfriend’s money and business!

Has a Boyfriend right now?

The reason why Samantha is more inclined towards businessmen is that she has got one. That’s right people!

Samantha is currently dating her businessman boyfriend, Salvatore Palella. Salvatore is a London based businessman, who is director of the Palella Investment Ltd and SP1 Investments, LLC. Moreover, he is also the founder and CEO of Helbiz Inc.

The couple is not shy flaunting their love, especially on Salvatore's Instagram. The couple most recently went to the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight as well.

That’s not it; the couple also takes vacations in between, as her boyfriend has shared pictures from their trip to Porto Cervo and Mykonos; sending vibes of romance all over Instagram.

It is never sure what the future holds but, by talks of Hoopes, she seems just ready for a quite settled life. Something that her explanation of life with businessman referred to.

However, the couple just appears to have started dating recently and getting married is a long way ahead. Salvatore can possibly be her husband in the future!

Samantha Hoopes' Wiki.

Samantha Hoopes was born on February 10, 1991, and belongs to a large family that comprises of her parents and her five elder sisters. She studied modeling and acting in Barbizon.

Being ranked 18 for Maxim’s 100 hottest in 2014, Samantha is currently working with Elite LA and Select Model Management London.

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