Shep Rose Is So Ready To Get Married! In Search For A Wife But The Requirements Are High

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Shep Rose Is So Ready To Get Married! In Search For A Wife But The Requirements Are High

Life is too long to enjoy alone; every person needs a companion to enjoy the rollercoaster ride. Although everyone wishes for a very blissful life with their soul mate, the qualities that they seek in their partners will vary.

One of the personality, who seeks some unique qualities in his wife is the restaurant owner and reality star, Shep Rose; he is planning to get married, but only with a wife who fits his definition of perfect.

The Bravo series, Southern Charm's actor surely has captivated the heart of many ladies out there, but the lady that will delight his heart must be someone extraordinary. 

Let us find out how Shep Rose is ready to settle up with his new dating spin-off "RelationShep," where he reveals that the requirements in his lady love are very high!

Shep Rose Is So Ready To Get Married!

The Bravo's most eligible bachelor, who enjoys the net worth of $200 thousand, may finally get married as he will be going on a cross-country journey to find the “Perfect one” for him on his new dating show.

In the show RelationShep, the 37-year-old Rose will be traveling to various cities across the country, where his castmates and friends will introduce him to different women so that he could find a girlfriend for him.

Though Rose can’t share much about his new show, he talked about the requirements in the lady, with whom he would like to share a romantic relationship. Shep explained-

“My standards are unjustly high. I need to relax a little bit. It’s complicated. Til death do us part’ is a lot of time. And it’s really a lot of time if it’s a person you don’t absolutely enjoy being around. I choose my friends carefully and my girlfriends, too. I like to surround myself with someone I can be totally comfortable and happy with and hopefully make them feel that way, too.”

Moreover, in an interview with E! News' Carissa Culiner, Rose admitted that he is ready for the commitment. He stated-

"I'm not going to settle down, I'm going to settle up. I don't have a reason to behave myself or go home early, and that gets me in trouble sometimes, so I'm looking for a reason to behave myself..but she can't try to hinder my good times and what not, that's no good."

Rose even expressed that he would be searching for a woman, who could be a partner in crime and a voice of reason. He continued the interview saying that he will not hesitate to start a family if he finds his ideal woman.

Caption: Bravo’s star Shep Rose discusses his Ideal woman with E! News' Carissa Culiner

(Published on Apr 27, 2017).

The fact that he is ready to have a girlfriend, more like a partner in crime, fends off all those gay rumors initiated because of low-key nature in the past.

Shep Rose’s journey to find love in "RelationShep" can be seen later this year on Bravo.

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