Did Steve Gonsalves Get Married To His Girlfriend? Or Still Dating Before She Could Be His Wife?

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Did Steve Gonsalves Get Married To His Girlfriend? Or Still Dating Before She Could Be His Wife?

If you were a regular viewer of Ghost Hunters, then you must have known Steve Gonsalves, the technical specialist of the paranormal investigation group, who later appeared in the show as its lead investigator.  

We stake that you are one of the fans of Gonsalves who is curious about Gonsalves’ life off-screen. You might be wondering about the answers to the questions regarding his dating affairs, girlfriend, or his married life with his wife.  So without any delay, let us help you to find out the answers to all the questions you came her here craving for!

Gonsalves' Current Relationship Status:

When we stalk the internet for Gonsalves’ lady love, in the end, the only information that we gain is his affair with his high school sweetheart, Alyce Haynes.

Since the paranormal investigation expert Steve Gonsalves has been very private regarding his love life, he hasn’t opened about his relationship with Alyce. However, in 2013, Gonsalves and Haynes were looking for a way to give back to an area they love.

They were planning to sponsor wedding and wine festival as a wedding giveaway. However, since then, there isn’t any news about this pair, which could hint that they are still dating, but yet, there are some twitter posts that indicate that Haynes was actually Gonsalves’ girlfriend.

Though the exact date since when Steve Gonsalves and Alyce Haynes started dating is a mystery, we have found that they have already parted their ways. It seems that they ended their relationship somewhere at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014.

Gonsalves’ former love interest Alyce Haynes is now involved in a romantic relationship with an entrepreneur and vlogger, Ben Carlin.


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Is Steve Gonsalves Secretly Married?

Steve has been hiding about his relationship and affairs, which has let his fans to speculate about him being secretly married.

While some people believe that Steve is single and busy inclining his career as a paranormal investigator, some believe that he is enjoying a blissful marital relationship with his wife out of the limelight.

We are exactly not sure whether Gonsalves has an interest or obligation to hide his dating history as he has never opened up about his relationship status with anyone! 

A long-time and huge fan of horror movies, Gonsalves has inked different and colorful tattoos, which reflects how interested he is in learning more about paranormal activities.

He is a former police officer, who has been an educator and public speaker for paranormal activities for around fifteen years. Steve Gonsalves, who is also the co-founder of Paramagazine, accumulates the net worth of $400 thousand.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Steve Gonsalves!