Thrashing Gay Rumors; Caspar Lee Is Dating His New Model Girlfriend And They Are Cute!

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Thrashing Gay Rumors; Caspar Lee Is Dating His New Model Girlfriend And They Are Cute!

There is no better way to silence all the gay rumors that surround you than to have a girlfriend in your life. The same has been done by young internet sensation Caspar Lee as he has been dating a new girl in his life and they are adorable together. For those who are unaware of this very relationship between the internet sensation and his girlfriend, we have got you all covered.

Caspar And His New Girlfriend:

Caspar has been dating his new girlfriend and model Madeleine (Maddie) Thea. The two are reportedly dating since 2017, and they have set quite an example for the other couples. The two have also been socially open about their relationship and have not been fussed by the attention they have grabbed lately.

Caspar's youtube videos with Maddie shows how much love they have for one another.

Caption: Caspar pranked his girlfriend Maddie along with his friend Josh (Published on Feb 12, 2017.)

Furthermore, this "touch my body" video shows that the two are hilarious as well.

Caption: Caspar: Touch my body challenge with Maddie. (Published on May 14, 2017)

The two are seen to be having quite the time together.


I gave her the raft. I feel like Jack from titanic.

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And also the love between them seems to be getting better and stronger with time.


Find a someone who kisses you with their eyes open because they can't get enough of the side of your head.

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But what his relationship with Maddie does is shut all the gay rumors that often surrounded him. 

Maybe the video where he was seen having a good connection with Tyler Oakley, who is an open gay, might have something to do with those rumors.

Caption: Tyler Oakley and Caspar Lee expose Youtuber rumors.(Published on August 21, 2014)

However, Caspar never came out as a gay and admitted that those rumors were true but now that he has a girlfriend in his life kind off shuts those rumors for good.

Caspar's Daughter and His Famous Tattoo.

We know that the heading is a bit misleading but hold your horses right there folks, he does not have a human daughter. His daughter is rather a doll who he loves him dearly.

Here is a video in which he answers where he met Emma. 

Caption: Caspar answering the fans queries, Where did Caspar meet Emma? (Published on October 19, 2014.)

Such a great attachment he has with his "daughter."

Moreover, after he hit 7 million subscribers on his channel, he decided to celebrate it in an awesome way. After trying several ways to celebrate his achievement, he then decided to get a tattoo near his ankle.

Here is the hilarious and entertaining video of him getting inked.

Caption: Caspar celebrates hitting 7 million subscribers on his channel by getting inked. (Published on January 15, 2017.)

Ha, the guy is hilarious!

Caspar has never actually spoken about his parents, but his mother is Emily Riordan Lee while the identity of his father remains under the rock. He also has a sister named Theodora.

Regardless, he is a good young talent who has got a long way to go in his career as a vlogger.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Casper Lee!