Tom Austen Allegedly Dating Alexandra Park; Girlfriend Or Just A Friend?

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Tom Austen Allegedly Dating Alexandra Park; Girlfriend Or Just A Friend?

Tom Austen is an actor, who has his eye on the prize, if the prize was a girl, he has mostly been seen with a girl by his side. Just a friend or is it just a fling or better yet a girlfriend in the making? The girl whom Tom may be dating is no mystery as well, with the help of social networking we uncover if Tom is actually dating or if she is just a friend.

The twenty-eight-year-old actor Tom Austen and Alexandra Park have undeniable chemistry on the show, and there is nothing like a star-crossed lover’s situation to make things even more intriguing. Alexandra posted in October of 2015 which they are almost linking arms while enjoying beers on a boat.


Stressed. @tommyae ??????????????

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It's Instagram photos like these made others (and us) think that they are together and have made impressions during their show together in the T.V series in “The Royals” that looks like they are one cute couple but of course are just best buds off stage. 

Even though they are not together romantically, that proves they are best friends and love each other just the same. With no comment but their adventures together it seems they are only screen lovers for now.


?????? @alexandrapark1

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Though Alexandra may not be Tom’s girlfriend and is also believed to be single, he has not stated being gay nor comment if he was and is definitely not married without a ring on that finger. Though they both have many similar likes and dislikes, few of the reasons why they hang out most of the time, Alexandra as far as we know may have been dating others who are offset such as Luke Cheadle. 

Not really sure what their relationship is and no hard evidence between them but it will soon surface also including a post they soon removed.

Caption: Luke and Alexandra together taking a selfie with the trees. 

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That can be misconstrued as a relationship status that you don’t want others to know about including a few screen capture photos calling each other by cute nicknames that were also taken down soon after.

Caption: Their name was calling that was soon removed after from Instagram.

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The twenty-seven-year-old actor has been seen multiple times with other people that were not of the set, being rather close and posting pictures of her maybe new boyfriend. Purely speculations, to say they are dating but one can only wonder. 

Tommy Austen confirms his Relationship: Girlfriend and Dating!

We all saw it coming and not many were surprised when Tommy confirmed his adorable relationship with Park. While the actor left his fans to figure out the truth out by themselves, he sure made their relationship obvious. One can confirm their relationship if they take a look at the actor's images.


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The Two are still in the runs of season two of their T.V series “The Royals” still posting photos of each other.