Is Trieste Kelly Dunn Dating Anyone? The Beauty Seems Too Deep In Career To Have A Boyfriend

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Is Trieste Kelly Dunn Dating Anyone? The Beauty Seems Too Deep In Career To Have A Boyfriend

Sometimes, life gives choices between an uninterrupted escalating career and a personal life that has those cute relationships. Some embrace both, while some choose one over the other. We saw Allison Janney, who revealed she was ready to give up on career but only if she fell in love madly.

Well, Trieste Kelly Dunn is no exception. She has not said anything about leaving her career, but the problem is, she has not been vocal about her personal life either and as a result, the actress is subjected to some lesbian rumors. 

Let's take a stroll inside the life of Trieste Kelly to find out the truth!

Does Trieste Kelly Dunn Have A Love Life To Flaunt?

Trieste Kelly Dunn, an American actress, is someone we’ve known for a long time as she has repeatedly awed us with her acting skills.

The actress has won so many hearts with her adorable yet sexy looks, but it looks like she doesn't have someone who rules her heart. At this moment, Trieste remains mum on the matter remotely related to her having a dating affair or a boyfriend.

Moreover, from the looks of her social media, she loves to hang out with her friends, parents or just herself. Yes, Trieste is the type of woman who pampers herself, and by the looks, she doesn’t need a man at this point in life.

A few months back, she pampered herself with a new haircut which she flaunted via Instagram.


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As far as it comes to spending time, she loves her mother’s company, as mama Dunn also seems to be totally into adventures.

On April 2017, Trieste shared a picture where Trieste and her mother enjoyed skiing in their hometown.


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Is Trieste Kelly Dunn A Lesbian, Secretly?

Trieste has been subjected to some lesbian rumors because of her secrecy over her romantic life. Moreover, in 2014, Trieste and her 'Banshee' co-star, Ivana Milicevic went out for a crazy Sunday night in Vegas, where they got praised by Mike Tyson.

Moreover, Dunn also got a lap dance which resulted in Dunn becoming the “Woman crush” of dancer Adrienne Zager. Trieste spoke about the night as

I was not intending on any of that! I’ve always thought Vegas was really stupid, but . . .  I fully embraced the spirit.”

But, can we assume that she’s a lesbian just for having fun with a friend? Although the incidents do raise some suspicions, the speculations remain baseless without any official confirmation from Kelly herself.

Is Trieste Kelly Dunn's Career Holding Her From Getting Married?

Trieste, however, seems to be too busy at the moment. The Banshee actress currently has more than five projects at her hand for 2017. That sure is a load of work.

.No wonder why she does not have a boyfriend yet or has talked anything barely related to any thoughts on getting married. But, fans sure would love to see her get married to her husband. 

As far as Trieste getting married, we may witness it on our TV screens, because who knows what fate her various on-screen roles might be holding. 

Along with her personal life, Trieste has also kept her net worth a secret, but her busy career suggests that she might be earning an appreciable amount. 

Stay with us for further updates on Trieste Kelly!