Laura Ingraham Gets Fox News 10 P.M Show! But Network Claims There's No Deal - Yet

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Laura Ingraham Gets Fox News 10 P.M Show! But Network Claims There's No Deal - Yet

The radio host and Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham is about to be a prime time host on the conservative cable network, as she has now got her primetime show on Fox News' 10 p.m. slot.

According to people who spoke on condition of anonymity, Ingraham is expected to take over the 10 p.m. hour on Fox News. According to sources, Sean Hannity's show, which currently airs at 10 p.m, will move to 9 p.m., an hour earlier.

Likewise, a talk show named “The Five” will shift from 9 p.m. back to its namesake hour, as it was originally named for its 5 p.m. time slot. The changes come after the cancellation of Eric Bolling's 5 p.m. show "Fox News Specialists" right after his exit from Fox last Friday.

Ingraham, whose new show will be a part of a broader change to the network's top-rated prime time lineup, has been telling friends that the deal is essentially done while there may be one or two final details to negotiate.

However, CNNMoney has learned from a Fox News spokeswoman that there is "no deal in place" with Ingraham.

The launch date for Ingraham's new show is yet to reveal. However, a source has revealed that the new schedule is already confirmed and is known among senior staffers.

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Fifty-four-year-old Laura Ingraham is popular and well-liked host among Fox viewers. The former Ronald Reagan speechwriter Ingraham is a Donald Trump supporter.

When President Trump announced that he would block transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, Ingraham came forwards supporting president’s announcement and went on to ask them whether transgender people should be able to serve in the army or not.  She stated-

“The Muslim -- we always hear about the Muslim soldiers. Where the heck are the Muslim soldiers? They just never say anything. Where are the Muslims? Why don't they ever speak out on these issues? Never.  Cat got their tongue?”

Caption: Laura Ingraham reacts to President Trump’s powerful speech in Poland (Published on Jul 6, 2017).

Ingraham, who is an editor-in-chief of, has a very successful professional career that has allowed her to accumulate $15 Million as her per year salary, which simultaneously contributes to her net worth, which is calculated to be $70 million.

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