5 Pretty Places To Visit In Summer For Cool Vacation

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5 Pretty Places To Visit In Summer For Cool Vacation .Summer is all about wearing shorts, cool dresses, flaunting sexy bikini and going on a vacation with fun, adventures, excursions and refreshments.To make your holiday as the laid and mesmerizing one, I request to put up these few places on your visit list and get completely refreshed.
5 Pretty Places To Visit In Summer For Cool Vacation

Summer is all about wearing shorts, cool dresses, flaunting sexy bikini and going on a vacation with fun, adventures, excursions and refreshments.To make your holiday as the laid and mesmerizing one, I request to put up these few places on your visit list and get completely refreshed.

1) Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of Spain, is the best place and cool place to visit for your summer vacation. Barcelona is ranked as the top city to visit in Spain; it was 20th most visited city in the world.

The city has got eight of the places enlisted in the World Heritage Site, UNESCO. It has become an international tourist destination because of its mild and warm climate, beautiful beaches, historical rich museums, numbers of beautiful municipal parks, lovely and impressive historical monuments. Barcelona was listed number one in a list of top ten beaches in the world by Discovery Channel.

As one of the world's tourist destination, Barcelona has increased numerous recreational activities. You can feel refreshed and get relaxing vibes by visiting the beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes of the mountains and parks, historical museums. Don’t miss to visit Casa Batlló, La Sagrada Familia, and Parc Güell to explore world’s unique and unusual architecture. You can have the best nightlife in the city after having a fantastic day.

Caption: The Costa Brava, Barcelona.


Barcelona can be the best place for you to visit in this summer with exciting activities, refreshing cool breezes from beautiful beaches, amazing nature’s beauty, world best architectural monuments and much more. One can easily tour the city by tagging along with a guide or with a map on your hand. Visit the town if you want to have all of it in this summer.

2) Mykonos

Mykonos, the part of Cyclades, is a Greek island which is also known as The Island of the Winds. Mykonos is the best place to visit in summer with the hot and fabulous parties and lively festivals.

Caption: Mykonos, the beautiful city of Greece lovely with the blue beach and white walls.


The place is very famous and known for the buzzing and vibrant nightlife. The place is very renowned as a gay-friendly destination with the establishment of the LGBT community. You can find the world’s best clubs and pubs in Mykonos. If you are a party freak, Mykonos can be the best place for you to visit in this summer. Grab your party shoes and get on the floor in one of the best dancing clubs in Mykonos. You will surely enjoy it to the fullest. The clubs like Cavo Paradiso and Paradise Club don't get going until 4 a.m.

Caption: Grooving nightlife of Mykonos, Greece.


The best attraction of the place is the beaches where you can relax after the hard party.  Don’t miss out Little Venice for its food. Visit the place in September and October for lower accommodation prices as the place is too expensive and with a full crowd in other seasons. Delos Island is a must to visit as the island is considered to be a religious center. It’s believed that the Greek god of music and light was born on this island. The place has got religious and historical importance.

Caption: Delos Island a holy place in Greece.

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Well, Mykonos can be the best place if you are a party animal and have an archaeology enthusiast as the place is rich in both of these aspects. Visit Mykonos in this summer for the best vacation.

3) Big Sur, California

If you are a true oceanic or a beach person then you should surely hit on towards the Big Sur of California to bang on the beach life and summer party.

Caption: Blessed by the natural beauty, McWay Falls, California.


Big Sur is a sparsely populated region of the central coast of California. The place is full of natural beauty, and these breathtaking nature views were one of the reasons for ranking second among all the destinations in the United States. The views from the highway will mesmerize with its beauty. There are few beautiful scenic beaches which are very popular for walking because swimming is restricted as it’s very unsuitable due to frigid temperature and unpredictable currents.

You can see few waterfalls on Pacific Coast which jump into the ocean directly. But you are not allowed to visit the waterfall. The place got restricted for the preservation of the natural habitat of water animals. Another spot is Point Sur Lighthouse; the only lighthouse entirely made up of the nineteenth century. The tower is open to the public There you can visit the parks, Bixby Creek Bridge, Point Sur Lighthouse, McWay Falls,  Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Sand Dollar Beach,  Jade Cove as well.

Caption: Bixby Greek Beach, Big Sur, California.


The place has got very limited tourist accommodations, hotels, and motels because of the land restriction for the preservation of the Big Sur. You can go for hiking, surfing, mountain climbing and many other outdoor activities.Book the hotels if you are willing to visit Big Sur in this summer as there are very limited hotels and motels. So people. Get your rooms booked now as the rooms get full quickly in the summertime.  

4) Madison, Wisconsin

The shopping fever never comes to a halt for a shopaholic while the music fever never drains down for the musicaholic.So, for both of the holidays, Madison, Wisconsin is the best place to spend the summer in a gigantic and luxury manner.

Caption: Music lovers can get hold of the corner facing the sea and love the festive mode in Madison City, Wisconsin.


Located in the south central of North America, the city is not only confined by the festivity mode but is also surplus available for natural beauty, lip-smacking restaurants and plenty of theaters. While traveling in the city, one must not forget to visit Overture Center, Concerts of Square, Rythm and Booms and Vitense Golfland.

For the nature lover the city has stored in the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, praiserHenry Vilas Zoo and UW Arboretum while for the artistic praise they have Chazen Museum of Art, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

Caption: Henry Vilas Zoo, a perfect place to bird watch and animal watch for an animal lover at Madison.


The traveler can reach the city through air route if they are located in the outer zone of Madison while they can also travel by car or a local bus or rail to enter the city. After arriving in the city, people can wander in their way by taking a map in their hands while they can also hire the local population to take them around. 

However, If you want to explore the town by yourself then yes you can as the city is safe for every people and they can easily travel in a local bus, private car and even hire a bike to go around. Well, this city is a pretty place and the best summer place to spend your vacation in a fantastic way.

After living our life monotonously and following the same routine every day what we need is a space and entertainment to revive yourself. A new place with a new exposure allows us to recharge ourself to get back to the everyday work again.

5) Nepal

If you are a mountain and an adventure lover, then Nepal is the place for you to spend your summer vacation. Nepal is a beautiful mountainous country comprising of the Himalayan range and diversity of flora and fauna. The breathtaking places and amazing landscapes will blow your mind as ten places of Nepal is enlisted on World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Caption: Tilicho Lake situated in Manag, Nepal 4,949 meters (16,237 ft).


If you are the white mountain lover, then we have the highest peak in the world, "Mt.Everest" situated in the country with plenty of other snow capped mountains like Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, and Annapurna. The country has water sports like rafting and canoeing for water lovers. While the animal lovers and bird watchers can spot Bengal tigers, one-horned rhino in Chitwan National Park; one of the oldest National Park of the country, situated in the subtropical Inner Terai Lowlands of the south-central Nepal.

Caption: Chitwan Jungle Safari, in the beautiful forest of Chitwan Wildlife Reserve Nepal.


The capital city “Kathmandu” is rich in culture and ancient architecture.From Kathmandu, one can easily access to all the places from air route as well as roadways. The hotels and inns are available everywhere, and one can enjoy the pocket-friendly summer vacation. Another beautiful city, Pokhara which is also known as the “City of tourists” is surrounded by the beautiful range of the Himalayas. You can even get an experience of exciting and thrilling adventures like white water rafting, paragliding, zip flyer bungy jumping, kayaking and much more. The beautiful “Phewa lake” (second largest lake of Nepal) is also situated here where you can boat and watch the stunning sunsets.

Caption: The white water rafting in Sunkosi River, Nepal.

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If you are on a short trip, mountain flight can also be another option; the flight will only take one hour approximately which will take off from Kathmandu Airport. You will get the close view of the beautiful and breathtaking Mount Everest, glaciers, rivers, and lakes. The trip will be within the budget as the place is very reasonable. In a short trip, you can get many adventures and thrilling moments from Nepal, so don't forget to visit Nepal on your next summer vacation.

Thus, one needs to plan their vacation carefully as visiting boring places which are of no interest to you would completely drain you out making you more restless. So, I request all the vacation planner to visit the above mentioned lovely places to get hold of the explicit beauty and natural exposure to make your holiday refreshing one.