KETO OS Reviews, Side Effects, Benefits

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Keto diet, the high fat and low carb, has been making rounds for quite a while. Although the benefits of the diet- fit and healthy body is appealing, let’s admit it, it is indeed too hard to let go of the carbs. What to do them? When one wants a healthy body as well as to eat carbs.
KETO OS Reviews, Side Effects, Benefits

Keto diet, the high fat and low carb, has been making rounds for quite a while. Although the benefits of the diet - fit and healthy body- is appealing, let’s admit, it is indeed too hard to let go of the carbs.

Well, a company named Pruvit seems to have come up with a solution; you don't need to say goodbye to carbs at all. Pruvit sells consumers with exogenous ketone supplements - known as Keto OS. It provides the benefits of a keto diet, even when the person eats carbs rich food.

Sounds too good to be true? 

What Is Keto OS?

Keto OS stands for Ketone Operating System. It is an exogenous drink meant to supplement the process of a keto diet. Pruvit - a company dedicated to producing ketogenic supplies- came up with the formula to help people maintain a healthy life.

The much talked about Keto OS comes in a bulk pack or a go-to pack in a powdery form. The contents of the packet need to be mixed in 12 to 16 ounces cold water and taken once or twice for therapeutic performance and optimal performance respectively according to its manufacturing company. 

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The flavors provided by Pruvit are KETO Kreme, Swiss Cocoa, Orange Dream, Maui Punch, and Chocolate Swirl. According to the reviews, the caffeinated taste of the supplement makes it easier for the consumers to swear by it. 

For the individuals, who don’t like caffeine in their drinks, do not worry! Pruvit also provides caffeine-free options. 

Are There Side Effects?

Well, like all the things in the world there is a downside to using Keto OS as well. But fear not, if followed with all the precautions, the side effects can be minimized, and the benefits of keto diet can be utilized to the fullest. 

One of the significant side effects of Keto OS is Keto Flu which involves symptoms like fatigue, runny nose, nausea, and headache. To overcome it, one needs to consume Keto OS more slowly at the interval of 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, the manufacturers suggest drinking the product with food. 

Similarly while consuming Keto OS, it can lead to water and mineral depletion. But, the problem can be tackled by drinking loads of water and adding magnesium, potassium, and sodium-rich food to replenish your minerals and fluid levels.

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Furthermore, Keto OS' product like Keto Kreme contains medium chain triglycerides. The element can cause digestive stress to one’s body. But, the stress is nothing major as it merely means your body needs time to adjust with the fat intake. To avoid the issue, you need to start from small doses of the product and reach the recommended dose over a week or two. 

Though the side effects are in reach to be treated or prevented, one must take the advice of a dietician to follow the Keto OS supplement and understand its impact.