What Is Swai Fish? Find Out Its Benefits & Taste

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What Is Swai Fish...a study conducted in 2016 found traits of harmful Vibrobacteria...How To Cook Swai Fish...Its Benefits & Taste Google Search: Swai Fish...However, there has always been an economical alternative in the fish diet, and Swai fish stands out among the rest...
What Is Swai Fish? Find Out Its Benefits & Taste

A lot of planning goes into whatever we consume today, be it a movie or a book. Without going through a review or feedback, it's apparent people are less inclined to try things first hand. Likewise, the same goes for nutrition as well; what we put in our belly is as much important as what we let inside our mind.

Many news outlets have a range of food options listed and the benefits those have on health. Notably, the fish diet tops the list as the source of low-fat, high-quality protein.

But there is a big difference between being aware of the necessary nutrients and putting the diet intake into practice. Frankly, with a growing economy and inflation, finance plays a significant role in what we decide to consume too. Not everyone can afford $20 for trout and expensive seafood. 

However, there has always been an economical alternative in the fish diet, and swai fish stands out among the rest. It costs $3.99 a pound and stands out as on the list of affordable fish.

What Is Swai Fish?

Swai fish is native to south-eastern countries like Thailand and Laos where it's considered a delicacy. The fish is one of the common relatives of catfish in the US, and some even describe it as a river-farmed catfish.

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Interestingly, swai is counted among the endangered species of fish, but there's no need to be alarmed. As most of the swai available on the market are bred in large farms like the ones in Vietnam. And, the US usually imports swai from such farms.

Is Swai Fish Healthy? Plus Benefits

Yes & no, it depends. Nutritionally speaking, a single swai fish packs heart-healthy omega fat and 70 grams of calories. It is also filled with vitamin B12 and contains 26% Selenium, a compound that plays a critical role in reproduction and metabolism.

Moreover, the omega-3 fat found in it is perfect for blood health. The fat helps to keep the blood flowing and prevents the blood clotting related risks such as heart disease.

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Howeverswai fish also has a very controversial image today. Since it is a factory-farmed fish from Vietnam, allegedly antibiotics and pesticides are used while raising it.

Moreover, a study conducted in 2016 found traits of harmful bacteria in 80% of the swai samples. On top of that, the commercial production of this fish reportedly has adverse effects on the environment. Allegedly, its production in Vietnam adds mud and waste worth 2 million metric tons to the water bodies each year.

How To Cook Swai Fish? It's Taste

Obviously, most of you are cutting off swai from your list before even trying it out. But, if a safe and healthy swai is cooked correctly, it can become a delicious meal. There are a variety of option to cook it. You can either grill or broil it and even fry it in the medium heat.

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No matter which cooking option you choose, you'll end up tasting a flaky texture with a mild sweet flavor.