After Coming Out As Gay, Duncan James Revealed Getting Support From Daughter

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Coming out is not always easy and the consequences are not always happy. There are many cases in which person who comes out as gay are abandoned by their family and closed one. While there are some who are lucky enough to have very supportive friends and family who stand by their side supporting for who they are.
After Coming Out As Gay, Duncan James Revealed Getting Support From Daughter

Coming out is not always easy, and the consequences are not always positive. Many cases exist where a person gets abandoned by his family and friends after revealing his sexuality as gay. However, some people are lucky enough to have very supportive friends and family who accept them for who they are.

In this context, we will be talking about Duncan James, one of the former members of the boy band “Blue,” who is openly bisexual. James has revealed that both his mother and daughter are very supportive and proud of who he is.

Supportive Daughter & Equally Understanding Former Partner

Duncan James, who revealed his sexuality in 2009, revealed his daughter's acceptance in an interview with Ok! Magazine. He stated,

“She’s totally cool about me and my sexuality. I think nowadays, living in a world that is so much more accepting of the LGBT community, especially in England, it’s great that kids are educated and know that it’s normal.”

Duncan James and daughter Tianie Finn posing for their photoshoot (Photo credit: Ok! Magazine)

Tiane was born in 2005 when he was in a relationship with Claire Grainger. She attended the prestigious Royal Ballet School, where she enjoys her first term. 

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Duncan admitted he is a proud papa and is blessed to have a daughter like Tianie. He said:-

“I couldn’t be more proud. Over 2,000 girls auditioned and there were only 12 places and she got one.”

The Brit sensation - a proud follower of the Come Out 2 Play initiative - loves showing off his now 13-year-old daughter on social media. The father-daughter duo can be seen enjoying a splendid time in each other's company. Most recently, they attended the Beauty and The Beast production at the Board the Carnival Vista.

No doubt, Duncan and his daughter share a wonderful relationship. They seem to be friends rather than father and daughter. Though Duncan and Claire aren't together, the three of them live more like a family.

Duncan James Comes Out As Gay; Mother Surprised By Pregnant Partner

Duncan James revealed his bisexuality back in 2009 with News of the World when he stated:-

“I’m bisexual. I’ve been in loving relationships with men as well as women – and I’m not ashamed. Even though I fancy men, I still fancy WOMEN too.”

In the Carnival hosted by Interlaw Diversity Forum, he shared his coming out a story.

“Coming out, I think you’ll all agree, is one of the hardest things you can do as a gay person. For me it was extremely hard not just to do it to my friends and family, but I had to do it to the world and a fan base who all believed that I was straight and a womanizer.”

He then added:-

I was reading stories in the paper that I was dating people like Geri Halliwell and all sorts of people, and of course that wasn’t true. And inside of me I had a secret, and that secret was that I was gay.”

In the story, he also revealed he took his mother to Los Angeles on a vacation where he had plans to confess his sexuality. Describing the situation when he spoke to his mother about his sexuality, he said:-

“I remember knocking on her bedroom door in the hotel that we were staying in, and I told her shaking, crying, an absolute mess, that I like guys, and that I was gay, and I didn’t quite know what to get from here – I was really nervous, I didn’t know whether she was going to reject me, what she was gonna say.”

His mom did the unthinkable. The Blue star wrote:-

“She just put her arms around me, and gave me a hug and told me that she loved me, and the next day she said does that mean I’m not going to have any grandchildren.”

Furthermore, he revealed his mother was surprised when he revealed he got his partner pregnant after coming out as gay. However, she wasn't the first person Duncan chose to confine about his sexuality.

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In May 2018 interview with Gay Star News, he revealed that it was former Spice Girl Geri Horner. He quipped:-

’I came out to Geri Halliwell, pretty much. She was one of the first people I came out to."

Many might not remember, but Geri and Duncan were romantically linked following their co-hosting gig at the Party In The Park in 2014.

Will Openly Gay Duncan Marry His Former Wife Prospect?

Well, there are confusions regarding his love life. Many people are wondering whether he will parent his daughter with his wife or husband. To the people out there who are stuck on this question, Duncan plans to get married but only when he will find a perfect guy for him.

In an interview with New magazine in 2013, he revealed that he still loves his ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger and would love to have another baby boy with her but will marry a guy as he has developed an interest in men.

Duncan James and his ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger (Photo credit:

In the interview, Duncan exclaimed:- 

“We were hypothetically talking about it. I'd love a little boy. It's something that I've thought about and I've said to Claire, 'Do you want to keep it the same? Claire's my family. She's the mother of my child and I absolutely adore her. If I go back and do it all over again, I would choose Claire every time.”

Having professed his eternal love for his former partner, the Spy star explained how he's looking forward to dating dudes. He quipped:-

“I've been looking more towards dudes than girls. I guess that's because I've come out and accepted my sexuality. I'm more comfortable about having a proper relationship with a man now, so if I met a guy that I fell in love with then I would definitely think about marriage.”

Forty-year-old Duncan James has been active in his career since 2000. He has gained immense popularity and is receiving incredible earnings from his profession.

Duncan is known for his appearance in the boy band “Blue” (2000-2005), Grease: the School Musical (2009), Don't Stop Believing (2010), Spy (2012), Pointless Celebrities (2016), and Hollyoaks (2016-present).

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Duncan was supposed to have accumulated an excellent net worth but unfortunately went bankrupt in 2013.

Duncan James Photographed With "Boyfriend"

Nearly five years after coming out as gay, Duncan James finally decided to show off his boyfriend to the public.

Duncan and his boyfriend pose for snaps (Photo:-

Attending the launch of Camden's Gabeto restaurant in July of 2017, the Hollyoaks actor looked smitten next to his buffed lover as they posed for cameras.

Duncan's boyfriend - whose name, age, occupation, etc., is yet not known - has already met his mom, as evidenced by the snap of the three on the actor's Instagram.