An Intimate Wedding Where Lin-Manuel Miranda Surprisingly Showed Affection To Beloved Wife

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An Intimate Wedding Where Lin-Manuel Miranda Surprisingly Showed Affection To Beloved Wife

Most of the people want their high school love to end up in marriage, and we have a story to share on that very topic.

A story in which young age lover still going strong sharing a blissful married life. We are talking about Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife, Vanessa Nadal. Let’s find out more about it in our story today.

A Surprise On The Wedding Day!

The American actor Lin-Manuel Miranda married the love of his wife on 5 September 2010, in Staatsburg, N.Y., at the Belvedere Mansion. The lavish wedding is very famous for the surprise which Miranda planned for his wife.

The love of five years found their destiny; Miranda got married to Nadal (2010) (Photo:

The surprise started with Vanessa’s father raising a toast and asking Miranda to convey his few words to Vanessa. Then suddenly Miranda and his father in law began with the musical ‘To Life’ of Fiddler on the Roof. Then slowly the floor was joined by the bride’s and groom’s best men and best woman.

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Soon, the dance floor got covered up by the family of the newly wedded couple. They all performed with mics in their hands and performed the choreographed dance routine which was worth saying a perfect Broadway show. And also a complete surprise which couldn’t have made Vanessa happier on her big day.

That is something which is unexpected yet expected by many brides.

The Chemistry Between Husband And Wife:

The pair got to know each other from high school, Hunter College High School in NYC’s Upper East Side neighborhood. Miranda was two batch senior to Nadal. Though Miranda knew Nadal, he admitted that he could never work out in his courage to talk to her. He gushed in an interview with The Times in 2010, where he said;

“She was gorgeous, and I’m famously bad at talking to women I find attractive. I have a total lack of game.”

The two somewhat happened to get a similar taste in games which helped them to move forward in relation. Miranda recalled the moment,

“I very cooly said, ‘All right, you’re going to come over to my house tonight, and we’re going to play Grand Theft Auto and watch the Jay Z movie and listen to Marc Anthony,”

Puerto Rican-American star started dating scientist and attorney Vanessa Nadal since 2015. And after five years of dating, they got married. The couple welcomed their first child, Sebastian, on 10 November 2014, which added new happiness in the family.

Miranda during his talk with People revealed that his two years son, Sebastian knows two language English and Spanish and is on his way to learn the third. Miranda said;

“It’s adorable to see him sense who he’s talking to and translate. He’ll be like, ‘Leche?’ No, Milk?’ and that’s kind of incredible. He’s like a sponge and he’s got a smattering of German, too. My mother-in-law is Austrian, so he’s got one language up on me.”

Lin shares a photo of Vanessa Nadal, his wife and her second son Francisco (Photo: Lin-Manuel Miranda's Twitter)

The couple welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Francisco. Miranda took to Twitter to share the happy news on 02 Feb 2018, along with a photo of his wife of seven years and their adorable new baby.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Biography

Born in New York City in 1980 to Luz Miranda and Luis Miranda Jn, Lin-Manuel Miranda has an elder sister, Luz.

Lin's mother is a psychologist while his father is a political consultant. HIs sister works at a position of CFO at the MirRam Group. Lin comes from a family of power players and was bound to be in the same ranks as his family.

The creator of groundbreaking musicals like ‘Hamilton’ and ‘In the Heights’ has won four Tony Awards.' In 2016, Tony Award got honored with the award for Best Original Score. For that, he read out an emotional speech which became famous quotes of all time.

Lin's work as a composer, actor, lyricist, and rapper have made him a versatile personality. And, his versatility has paid him handsomely with an impressive net worth of $10 million.